Cake Pops - Popcorn Clowns

Cake pops seem to be all the rage these days. We've made these delicious innovations that even better by adding our delicious gourmet popcorn!!  

Who knew popcorn could be used for so many things?!


Makes | 12 cake pops

Preparation time | 30 minutes

Setting time | 30 mins


For the cake:

  • 200g ready-made cake (chocolate, vanilla… anything
  • really!)
  • 100g of frosting
For the topping:
  • 85g white chocolate (you can also use candy melts)
  • Decorations:
  • Smarties
  • Ice cream cones
  • Popcorn Shed’s Pecan Pie Popcorn 


  • Lollipop sticks
  • Bowl
  • Saucepan
  • Heatproof bowl
  • styrofoam block 


Crumble the cake with your hands.

Combine the frosting and cake crumbs together.

Roll the cake crumbs into cake balls and place on a tray or plate in the freezer for 15 minutes just so they firm up.

Melt the white chocolate or candy melts in a heat proof bowl over the sauce pan on a very low heat.        

Take the cake balls out of the freezer.

Dip a lollipop stick half an inch in the melted chocolate and then into a cake ball. This will help the lollypop stick into the cake ball.

Once the chocolate has set around the lollipop stick, dipthe whole cake ball in to the melted chocolate until the cake pop is completely covered.

Tap very gently on the bowl to get rid of excess chcocolate.

Place  lollypop into a styrofoam block and allow to chill. Use the remaining chocolate to decorate cake pop with popcorn, smarties etc.

Place onto a styrofoam block and allow to chill.

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