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7-Shed Pack

7-Shed Pack

  • We love popcorn as it brings people together; whether that be when watching a movie, sharing with work colleagues or snacking with friends on a long car journey.

    Our variety pack contains a shed of the following:

    Pop 'N' Choc - a double whammy of chocolate accompanied by a smooth cocoa-infused caramel base

    Salted Caramel - the perfect combination of intense sea-salted caramel popcorn topped with velvety, creamy Belgian milk chocolate

    Pecan Pie - nutty, buttery, smooth caramel popcorn with added pecans give it a textural sensation and nutty crunch.

    Berry-licious - a magical mixture of fruity tart raspberry and indulgent smooth rich dark chocolate. Share the Love!

    Butterly Nuts - The rich creamy peanut butter Caramel with nutty notesis topped with real peanut halves for an irresistible crunch

    Sweet Cheesus - A premium take on the classic ‘Sweet and Salty’ combo! Indulgent real cheddar cheese and sweet, buttery caramel Gourmet Popcorn. 

    Say Cheese - Deliciously rich, ripe and creamy mature cheddar popcorn is. This sharp cheesy flavour is ridiculously addictive and tangy.

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