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Some facts I bet you didn’t know about our popcorn!

1) We use a special kernel called a Mushroom kernel which gives it that lovely round shape.

2) Our Popcorn is Air Popped. No oil was used to POP our corn.

3) All of our popcorn is made from the finest all natural ingredients.

4) All of our flavours are certified Gluten Free and Vegetarian.

5) We’re all about TEXTURE! We use nuts, chocolate and fruit to enhance flavour, taste and mouth feel.

6) Popcorn Shed is a family business (Founded by cousins Sam & Laura)

7) Our shed cartons are sourced from sustainable forests.

8) We handcraft all of our popcorn in the UK.

9) Popcorn Shed started out life in the garden shed!

10) We’re great taste award winners. We’ve won Great Taste award to our Salted Caramel, Say Cheese! And Berry-liciousflavours.

11) We’re the first popcorn company in the UK to release a cheese and caramel popcorn flavour. Hello Sweet Cheesus.


Salted Caramel Gourmet Popcorn


Air Popped Popcorn