The sun is ready to pop out and melt away those winter blues, and at Shedquarters that can only mean one thing… Fruity and fancy flavours are back in town! Summertime is when we crave those sweet and tangy treats and our gourmet popcorn is the perfect snack to satisfy those cravings.

What are the seasonal flavours of spring at Shedquarters?

One of the a-maize-ing perks of popcorn is that you can enjoy the gorgeous gourmet flavours of spring all year round, but of course there’s nothing better than enjoying summer flavours at a family BBQ or a beautiful summer wedding. Here are Shedquarters top picks of the summer flavours you absolutely need at your event this year!



Raspberries and delicious dark chocolate, what more could you want? Like any paramour relationship, each ingredient contributes something unique while maintaining its distinct personality even as it fuses with the others. Chocolate is velvety, while raspberries are juicy. Both have a silky undertone that adds to their appeal. They produce a fantastic bite when combined. Our mouths are watering now just thinking about it! Berry-licious would be the ideal treat for a summer’s fair or even a pick-me-up in the office on those hot and humid days! 


Cherry Bakewell

A classic British dessert reinvented into a delectable and snackable gourmet treat? Don’t mind if we do! Cherry blossoms blooming in the spring are a popular sight in gardens. Cherry trees can reach a height of more than 12 metres, and huge trees can produce up to 60 kilogrammes of fruit. That’s a lot of cherries we can pack into our sheds of de-popping-licious Cherry Bakewell gourmet popcorn! Ideal for an after dinner snack at a corporate event if you’re celebrating the best of British flavours! Or why not pair our popcorn with a tantalising Cherry cocktail, check out this recipe below!

Cherry Bakewell cocktail ingredients:

  • ice

  • 100ml amaretto

  • 50ml cherry cordial

  • 1 tbsp lemon juice

  • 300ml good-quality lemonade, (still or sparkling)

  • maraschino cherries, to serve (optional)


Ice cubes should be placed in two tall glasses. In a small jug, combine the amaretto, cordial, and lemon juice, then divide between the glasses. Pour in the lemonade and swirl thoroughly. If desired, garnish with a maraschino cherry.


Introducing Strawberries & Cream

Coming soon to your Summer snack list! Strawberries & Cream is the quintessentially British summertime flavour that we find utterly irresistible on a scorching day. Thomas Wolsey, King Henry VIII's right-hand man, suggested the winning combination of strawberries and cream. This dish is thought to have been presented at a grand feast in 1509. The perfect snack was created when it was offered to spectators of tennis matches, and it’s still a crowd pleaser at Wimbledon every year! Read more about the invention of Strawberries & Cream on our blog!

Strawberries & Cream popcorn would be a perfect sweet treat for your little one’s summer birthday party, and to be quite honest, it’s perfect for anyone’s party. This delightful pairing is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth this season. Our beautifully packaged Strawberries and Cream popcorn is the ideal wedding favour for an outdoors summer wedding, pop this on the table and your day will be the talk of the season!

Where to find us

You can find Popcorn Shed in selected supermarkets all across the UK, so never fear, just pop down to your local stockist where you can find your favourite spring flavours all in one place. Interested in introducing our yummy snacks to your business? Fill in this form and we’ll pop straight to it!

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