What better way to enjoy some delicious gourmet popcorn than with a refreshing cup of tea.

I dare you to find us a sweet popcorn that doesn’t compliment with a good old cup of tea! If that sounds like a delicious challenge to you... we’ll have accepted! 

Earl Grey Tea and Butterly Nuts

Let’s start with Earl Grey which can be a really finicky flavour to pair with because of its bergamot flavoring (citrusy, acid, floral and earthy tones). But wait… we’ve got the perfect gourmet popcorn pairing, it’s completely NUTS and you would not have thought it but Butterly Nuts peanut butter popcorn with peanut pieces is the perfect combination of sweet and salty balancing stupendously with the subtle complexities of Earl Grey.

English Breakfast and Salted Caramel

AKA Everyones favourite tea with everyones favourite popcorn flavour salted caramel. A winning combination.

As English Breakfast is a robust, heartier, darker flavour. We need something equally as powerful and bold to match it. That’s why Salted Caramel Popcorn with Belgian Milk Chocolate is a winning combo. As Salted Caramel is a bold and rich with flavour, it can hold its own. 

Give me a bowl of Salted Caramel and a traditional English Breakfast cuppa any day. 

Camomile Tea and Berry-licious

Camomile Tea has aromatic, fruity light flavour profile and so this pairing need another light and fruity flavour to keep the balance. This is why we recommend our light and tart Berry-licious popcorn (which is topped with dark chocolate) as it’s deliciously bold, sweet, light and zesty. 

Green Tea and Pop N Choc

Enjoy the light and refreshing mellow tones of green tea, with the richness of Pop N Choc, a double whammy of chocolate caramel popcorn with Belgian milk chocolate.

If you have any other pairing inspired ideas, let us know! We love hearing from you! Let us know your very own cuppa guide!

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