Welcome to Leo season! If you’re a Leo you are born between July 23nd - August 22rd this is your sun sign and you are commonly known as the lion. Before we dive into their popcorn pairing we wanted to give you some fun facts about the traits and characteristics of a Leo. 

Common characteristics to describe this zodiac sign is that they are confident and love the finer things in life. This sign knows what they want and they’re not afraid to show their true selves. For example, they are outspoken topics they are passionate about and advocating for a cause. In addition, Leos tend to show confidence by being true to themselves expressing their confidence through their style. They also love the finer things in life like food, clothing since they have a great sense of taste in all aspects of life.

A few other characteristics about a Leo is that they are kind and generous. This sign treats their closest friends and family like royalty. Leo’s are very loyal to the people they care about and show that through gifts, making food and or giving their time. Overall, they’re very generous and caring zodiac signs that their closest friends get to see.

Now that we know that Leos love the finer things in life and are generous to the closest people around them Popcorn Shed has come up with a few goodies that will be great for any Leo in your life. We’ve come up with a list of flavours that are high quality and gourmet that will be up to their standards.

Birthday Cake
Leo’s love the finer things in life so make every day feel like a celebration. It’s time to get this party poppin’ with some gourmet popcorn. It’s a high quality fun popcorn flavour that will brighten this zodiac signs day.

This popcorn is bold and brilliant like Leos. It’s their time to shine with this combination they won’t be enough of. Rainbow popcorn is bold and shows off their true colours. Make the sidewalk your runway and have a snack while you’re at it.

Our Berry-licious is the perfect flavour to indulge in. It’s time to cue into your taste buds and try this fruity and chocolate delight on our gourmet popcorn. It’s time to treat yourself before others with this fabulous flavour.


Can you relate to the above? Or do you feel completely different about your zodiac sign?
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