What is Gourmet Popcorn?

That’s the million-dollar question! Let’s get technical…

There are several characteristics that make gourmet popcorn different to other ‘regular’ popcorn. Here’s what makes Popcorn Shed’s popcorn gourmet popcorn.

First: Butterfly vs. Mushroom.

You may not have known, but there are many different types of popcorn. The different popcorn kernels also burst into different shapes when they are cooked, and typically there are two core shapes. These two core shape variations of cooked popcorn kernels are the ‘butterfly’ and the ‘mushroom’. A mushroom popcorn kernel is round in shape like a marble, and is best suited for adding coatings such as caramel or chocolate. This is because the round shape has a larger surface area for the flavoured coatings and/or toppings to cover the popcorn evenly. Mushroom popcorn also tends to have a softer and smoother texture in your mouth. In comparison the butterfly popcorn kernel is more irregular and has several protruding ‘wings’. The inconsistent shape means coatings do not ‘grip’ the popcorn evenly resulting in an inconsistent flavour. The butterfly popcorn shape lends itself to powdered coatings which will coat the surface evenly. At Popcorn Shed we only use mushroom popcorn to ensure each piece of popcorn you pop in your mouth has a delicious and consistent flavour. We also believe that Mushroom popcorn also has a more pleasantly aesthetic appearance, and you know what they say – you eat with your eyes first!

Second: Hand Made Quality

Manufacturers of ‘regular’ popcorn often use a high degree of automation in order to process the corn into the finished product. Popcorn Shed is dedicated in providing you with absolutely delicious, high quality handcrafted gourmet popcorn. By being handcrafted we are able to ensure every step of production is carefully controlled. We take incredible care over our manufacturing process, which results in a higher quality product with a better taste and aesthetical appearance. Parts of the process may require hand finishing which ensures the best quality of output.

Third: Innovation

Flavour innovation is central to gourmet popcorn. Gourmet popcorn manufacturers are constantly pushing the limits of flavour innovation to find the next great flavour. Here at Popcorn Shed, we gently mix popped mushroom popcorn with a hot caramel sauce to give a light covering throughout. We add nuts and chocolate to our popcorn to create enhanced mouth feel. Part of what makes popcorn ‘gourmet’ is a willingness on the part of the manufacturer to push the envelope and expand their line of popcorns to include new and interesting entries.

Fourth: Packaging

The global popcorn category delves into both health and indulgence, with many popcorn companies opting for products that promote healthy, on-the-go snacking as opposed to an indulgent snack. Our gourmet popcorn is marketed in the ‘premium indulgence’ sub-category of the snacking category which sometimes crosses over to the confectionery category. As a premium indulgence product we want our popcorn to not only taste incredible, but also look fantastic. Our popcorn is packaged in beautiful eye-catching sheds which makes it an ideal gift and for sharing with friends.

Fifth: Customer Service

Here at Popcorn Shedquarters we are serious about great tasting popcorn. We are proud to offer an assortment of handcrafted flavors produced naturally and completely gluten free. You can expect fast turnaround, great customer service and competitive pricing.

Sixth: Family

Popcorn Shed is a family business with strong family roots. It was founded by first cousins Sam and Laura in the garden shed and they are committed to remain true to their family roots. Having spent so much time planning and creating what they believe to be a fantastic product, Laura and Sam understand the effort it takes to turn an idea into a reality. They believe that hard work, caring for others and building strong relationships are key to family and key to business.
For more information, we recommend the following resources: Butterfly and Mushroom Popcorn and Wikipedia

Salted Caramel

Our Salted Caramel Popcorn was awarded a Great Taste Award as it expertly masters the salty and sweet flavour balance.

Popcorn Shed’s Salted Caramel popcorn is inspired by dreamy days in Great British seaside beach huts (minus the rain).

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Pecan pie

Prepare to attain ‘genius’ level taste sensation with our small-batch handcrafted pecan pie popcorn mixed with real golden roasted pecans.

Our Pecan Pie popcorn is housed in a ‘shed’ inspired by autumn colours and an old-school American Barn yard!

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Rich Chocolate

Chocolate makes everything better. Fact.

Our Rich Chocolate popcorn has a double whammy of chocolate accompanied by a smooth cocoa-infused caramel base.

Every kernel is topped with yummy, smooth Belgian milk chocolate giving you a delicious chocolate taste experience.

Our Rich Chocolate popcorn ‘shed’ is inspired by a Lumberjack’s log cabin in a lush forest!

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