At Popcorn Shed, there's not much we love more than snuggling up on sofa with a shed load of our delicious super indulgent gourmet popcorn.

As the weather gets colder and wetter and the nights get even darker (if that’s  even possible!?) what more of an excuse do you need to cosy up with your favourite Gourmet popcorn flavour


  1. BOX SETS. There’s nothing quite like an all-night box set marathon with your buddies. The only thing you need to worry about is what Popcorn Shed flavour to choose. Are you a chocolate lover? Then you must try our Pop N Choc that has a double chocolate whamy of cocoa caramel and milk chocolate or if that’s not fruity enough for you, then why not indulge with some Berry-licious? Raspberry and dark chocolate, come to mama!

  2. TAKE AWAY. Choosing what to Deliveroo can seem like one of life's tougher decisions; your other half wants this, you want that... your friend throws that other thing into the mix... and so it goes on. While we can't be of assistance with your main meal, we can relieve you of that even tougher call to make; what sweet treat to follow? Grab a shed of Popcorn shed, put your feet up, and prepare for heaven (You're welcome!)

  3. DUVET DAYS. Some call it skiving, others call it a sick day… There’s nothing wrong with a day to yourself doing absolutely nothing at all. Nada. Zip. Nothing. A day dedicated to the sofa; just you and that soft, marshmallowy, pillow-y blanket of joy... that one-way ticket to snoozy town. The only company allowed is Popcorn Shed. Grab a shed of sweet cheesus so that sweet and savory craving. Sweet Cheesus how can popcorn taste this good?

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