Not that you need a reason to eat gourmet popcorn. But here are 5 reasons in case you do!

1) Winter is coming.  The days are getting shorter and the clocks already went back. The good news? Time to hibernate! More reasons to stay at home with a good film, cosy up on the couch and stuff your face with popcorn!

2) Temperatures are dropping. You need some cushioning...Wrap up warm and time to pig out! Oink! Get some meat on your bones. The diets can start in January!

3) Everyone loves gourmet, gourmet cheese toastie, gourmet chocolates, gourmet chips...... but most important gourmet popcorn doesn't just sound great it tastes even better! get your gourmet on!

4) Soooooo people... we all know of the three loveable fella's "Snap, Crackle, and Pop" but the fun fact... did you know Pop's full name was actually Popcorn!?!? - Celebrate this newly learned fact with the new and improved slogan "Crazy, Crunchy and Popcorn*"

5) We all have moments in our lives when we look in the mirror and think to ourselves "should I be eating that?... well now is NOT one of those moments.... go with your GUT, not your head.... feast up! 

eat popcorn

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