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When to Eat Gourmet Popcorn

We make gourmet popcorn, made the way it should be. By hand, using all natural ingredients, real chunks of chocolate, nuts and dried fruit and no nasties. AND it tastes  freakin delicious!

Ahhhh stop stressing out about what snacks you’re going to lay out for your next soirée or get together (we’re super helpful with this sort of thing). We’ve got chocolate popcorn, cheese popcorn, fruity popcorn – anything you could ever dream of wanting in or around popcorn.

We all l-o-v-e movie popcorn, but no longer is popcorn just a film night side-kick. Sure, it’s still great to munch on while you’re keeping up with pop culture, but we’ve given this snack one heck of a makeover and you’ll find that your favourite snack is now not just tastier, but way more versatile. Delicious, fun, and always handcrafted, our gourmet popcorn is nothing less than the best.


If you’re fed up of putting out the same old something. Go ahead and be creative – we sure are. We’ve come up with some crazy sweet gourmet popcorn flavours – Just pop them in a bowl and enjoy!

Gourmet popcorn is Perfect for book clubs, picnics, cocktail parties or as a popcorn gift

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