Over at Shedquarters, one of our favourite things about the springtime is the return of afternoon teas! Nothing beats sitting out in the sunshine enjoying some nibbles with your friends and family.

Even though we do love the traditional afternoon tea of finger sandwiches and scones covered in strawberries and cream, in true Popcorn Shed fashion, we do love to make it our own and put a twist on the classic and the expected.

Goodbye cucumber sandwiches. Hello, cucumber gin!

Cucumber sandwiches may be traditional, but if we’re being honest, they’re normally the last ones left that no one really wants. But one tipple that is a fan favourite (with the adults!) is cucumber gin.

Cucumber gin is a must have in the spring and summertime. It’s so refreshing and makes a perfect afternoon beverage for a day in the garden. To make your cucumber gin stand out,  try adding some mint sprigs to your drink, just after your ice, and you’ll get a truly distinctive and delicious drink.

Strawberries & Cream, as popcorn! 

There are some things we just can’t ditch from our afternoon tea array - and that is strawberries and cream. The sweet spring taste of mouth watering strawberries and cream is something we can’t say no to! This is why we’ve launched our Strawberries & Cream popcorn, so you (and we) can enjoy this classic summer flavour all year round.

Savour-y It Up!

Afternoon tea is commonly a sweet affair with cakes, pastries and scones making up the majority of the after sandwich treats. Here at Popcorn Shed, we know that not everyone has a sweet tooth, but that doesn’t mean that they have to miss out on the fun! Instead of some strawberry tarts, try some feta and beetroot tarts instead, or replace your cakes with mini burger bites! You can also buy some of our savoury gourmet popcorn, so you can satisfy any savoury craving that you may have during your afternoon tea.

Themed afternoon tea

Everyone loves a themed get together, and there are countless ideas you can use for an afternoon tea. They allow you to plan a really fun afternoon for both adults and children alike. For the summer, some of our favourite ideas for a pop-tastic time include:

  • Mad Hatter’s Tea Party - a quick Google search will give you plenty of Wonderland themed goodies that will allow you to plan a gorgeous tea filled afternoon.
  • Wimbledon - Wimbledon is the official start of the UK summertime so why not celebrate it with an afternoon tea, filled to the brim of all things British from Pimms and strawberry themed treats.
  • Charlie & The Chocolate Factory - everyone loves chocolate! And chocolate in the sunshine is a perfect combination. Having an afternoon filled with chocolaty sweet treats sounds like a dream come true for anyone with a sweet tooth. To sweeten the deal you can also throw in a Pop N Choc shed to make the afternoon that much tastier!

Afternoon Teas with Popcorn Shed

However, you choose to have your afternoon tea this spring and summertime be sure to stock up on all of your favourite flavoured sheds to ensure that your tea in the sun truly POPs! Don’t forget to sign up for our mailing list for 10% off your first order.

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