As the vibrant foliage adorns the landscape and the crisp autumn air fills our surroundings, it's time to embrace the flavours of the season. Say goodbye to bland popcorn and welcome the delightful taste of autumn with our range of delectable autumn-inspired flavours. From the comforting Pecan Pie to the savoury Maple Bacon, let's explore the enticing world of warm autumn popcorn.

Transport your taste buds to a cosy autumnal feast with our Pecan Pie popcorn. Every kernel is carefully coated with a fresh, pecan flavoured caramel, after which real roasted pecan nuts are scattered over the deliciously sweet and crunchy popcorn. The rich, buttery flavour combines warmth and sweetness, and will make it seem like you’re indulging in a freshly baked pecan pie. Whether you're enjoying a film night or hosting a seasonal gathering, this autumn popcorn flavour is sure to impress.


Popcorn Shed's peanut butter popcorn

Peanut Butter

Back in the days, peanuts and popcorn were a very well known and popular combination. And we’re here to bring it back, and make it even better! Let’s embrace this classic combo with our Peanut Butter Caramel popcorn. This autumn-inspired is made with our signature air popped popcorn, coated in a smooth and creamy peanut butter caramel coating and topped with real peanut halves. Each bite delivers a satisfying crunch, followed by the heavenly taste of sweet, roasted peanuts. With its indulgent yet balanced flavour profile, we’re voting for Peanut Butter popcorn to become our new favourite to enjoy on crisp autumn evenings or to share with friends during cosy movie nights in.

Popcorn Shed's classic caramel popcorn

Classic Caramel

No autumn popcorn collection would be complete without the timeless Classic Caramel. Popcorn Shed has perfected the art of caramelisation, coating each fluffy kernel with a rich and buttery caramel. The sweet aroma and irresistible taste will instantly transport you to cosy evenings with lots of pillows, throws and a warm cup of tea or hot chocolate. Whether you're looking for a nostalgic treat or a crowd-pleasing snack for autumn festivities, Classic Caramel popcorn is a must-try.

Popcorn Shed's maple bacon gourmet popcorn

Maple Bacon

Savour the unique combination of sweet and savoury with our crunchy Maple Bacon popcorn. To make this autumn-inspired flavour, we coated our corn with a maple flavoured caramel and scattered it with crunchy, smoky bacon flavoured bits. The delightful contrast of smoky and sweet will leave your taste buds tingling! Whether you're enjoying a picnic in the park or adding a twist to your autumn-themed celebrations, Maple Bacon popcorn is a standout choice that is guaranteed to surprise you.

Popcorn Shed's red velvet popcorn

Red Velvet

For those seeking a touch of decadence, our Red Velvet popcorn is a true delight. Inspired by the iconic creamy, chocolatey cake, each kernel is coated in a smooth red cocoa caramel with cream cheese frosting, and then topped with sweet white chocolate. Call that a unique snacking experience! Whether you're treating yourself or surprising a loved one, Red Velvet popcorn is a perfect companion during the autumn season.

And those are our top recommendations!

This autumn, elevate your snacking experience with Popcorn Shed's range of autumn-themed popcorn flavours. From Pecan Pie to Red Velvet, indulge in the tastes of autumn and make every moment deliciously memorable this season.

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