Did you hear the news? We've just released a completely new range of delicious popcorn products: Gourmet Popcorn Letterbox Gifts! This new line of elegantly designed, mouthwatering letterbox gifts (AKA postal popcorn) is perfect to give someone a smile or satisfy your own snack cravings.


Gourmet Popcorn Letterbox Gifts


To celebrate the launch and just because we're super excited about them, we're hosting a fun 7-day competition on our social media, giving you the chance to win one of these new letterbox gifts EVERY DAY!


Entering is simple:

We'll be posting every day from Monday 16th until Sunday 22nd of August. Every day, we'll post an illustration of a door. Each door belongs to a fictional character from a book or film. It's up to you to guess whose house the door belongs to! Comment your guess under the post to enter the competition. It's simple as that!

You can come back every day for a new chance to win. This competition runs on the following platforms:

Popcorn Shed's Instagram

Popcorn Shed's Facebook

Popcorn Shed's Twitter


You can join on any one of the platforms, or just try them all for extra entries! Make sure you're following us to validate your entry. Good luck :)


Hungry for more? Check out all new letterbox gifts here.


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