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Crazy, Innovative and Delicious Gourmet Popcorn Flavours

Did you know you can get a bundle of ALL of our delicious  gourmet Popcorn flavours (10 to be exact) in our gift bundle here

Gourmet Popcorn flavoured popcorn

1) Pop 'N' Choc80g - a double whammy of chocolate accompanied by a smooth cocoa-infused caramel base🍿🍫

2) Salted Caramel 80g - the perfect combination of intense sea-salted caramel popcorn topped with velvety, creamy Belgian milk chocolate🍿😍

3) Pecan Pie 80g - nutty, buttery, smooth caramel popcorn with added pecans give it a textural sensation and nutty crunch.🍿🐿️

4) Berry-licious 80g - a magical mixture of fruity tart raspberry and indulgent smooth rich dark chocolate. Share the Love!🍒🍓

5) Butterly Nuts 90g - The rich creamy peanut butter Caramel with nutty notesis topped with real peanut halves for an irresistible crunch🍿🐿️🥜

6) Sweet Cheesus 65g - A premium take on the classic ‘Sweet and Salty’ combo! Indulgent real cheddar cheese and sweet, buttery caramel Gourmet Popcorn.😜🍯🧀

7) Say Cheese 55g - Deliciously rich, ripe and creamy mature cheddar popcorn is. This sharp cheesy flavour is ridiculously addictive and tangy.🧀🐹

8) Goats Cheese 55g - An authentic, creamy and zesty goats cheese topped with cracked black pepper.🐐🧀

9) Union Shack 80g - Caramel almond popcorn with real cherry pieces. Based on the famous Bakewell Tart, a classic english dessert!🍒🍓

10) Santa's Shed 80g - A rich VEGAN butterscotch caramel popcorn made with coconut oil. You wouldn't even know that there's no dairy!🎅🤶

Gourmet Popcorn flavours


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