It is January 19th 2020 AKA National Popcorn Day. Today is of course one of our favourite day of the year! Happy National Popcorn Day everyone! Yippee!

We love to celebrate all thinks corny and popped. And you should to... Treat yourself.

Here are 7 things we wanted to say about Popcorn on the fabulous day:

1) Popcorn is so versatile. It can be healthy or indulgent, it can be enjoyed at the cinema, as a lunch time snack and as a gift occasion. Popcorn can be sweet, savoury or both. It really is the ultimate snack.

2) A very old snack. Did you know human beings have been enjoying the popcorn snack for overyears! There is an evidence that popcorn has been enjoyed by cultures for more than 6,000 years - Wow! 

3) Perfect movie or film accompaniment. If you’re at the cinema or watching a film at home, somehow it doesn’t seem like a ‘proper’ night in without Popcorn. 

4) Fiber. Did you know that popcorn is a natural healthy whole grain? This means that it contains all of the fiber from the bran AND minerals, B complex vitamins and vitamin E. High fiber contents helps your digestions from your digestive tract intestinal muscles which help to keep your entire digestive system healthy.

5) Protein. Popcorn is packed with protein. 

6) Gluten Free. Popcorn is gluten free. Finely ground, it can be used in place of breadcrumbs for a great crunchy coating on chicken and fish, or seasoned like croutons and topped on a salad.

7) It POPs! When this corn is heated, pressure builds up inside of the hull and eventually it POPs! So we are literally eating Popped Corn!




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