It might not feel like it, but Christmas is coming up faster than you might think! And if you ask us, there’s nothing worse than having to stress about last minute Christmas gifts or not knowing what to put in your Christmas gift hampers. The Popcorn Shedquarters team is here to help! We’ve written this guide to help you find the perfect Christmas popcorn gifts for your family and friends, and to assist you in building the best Christmas hampers. Let’s POP to it!

Our Christmas popcorn flavours

For us, popcorn is made for sharing and for making new memories. And so is Christmas! That’s why we’ve been working hard in the shed to create the most delicious popcorn flavours to share with your loved ones this December. Introducing…

Popcorn Shed's gourmet popcorn Christmas flavours

Christmas Pudding Popcorn - A perfect blend of rich caramel and festive spice aka Christmas in your mouth.

Chocolate Orange Popcorn - Crunchy popped corn with orange infused caramel and a rich layer of Belgian dark chocolate. There's a magical burst of flavour in every single bite!

Gingerbread Popcorn - Popcorn coated with a sweet caramel, infused with ginger and festive spices. It's the treat of the season. 

Which one are you trying first this December?


Christmas popcorn gifts

Next to our signature popcorn shed selection, we have a big variety of exciting popcorn gifts, perfect for Christmas. 

Gourmet Popcorn Tins

Our most luxurious and substantial Christmas gifts are our elegant popcorn tins. Filled to the brim with three scrumptious popcorn flavours and wrapped with a bow, these beautifully designed tins make a gorgeous gift and long lasting keepsake for every popcorn lover. Plus, they’re reusable as handy storage tins after you’ve eaten all the popcorn!

Popcorn Jars

If you don’t want to eat all your popcorn at once (we can’t imagine when that would happen but you do you…) our resealable popcorn jars are the perfect Christmas gift. Filled with our best selling salted caramel or chocolate caramel popcorn, they’re bound to be a hit with the recipient!

Popcorn Letterbox Gifts

Looking to buy a gift for someone far away? Put a smile on their face this Christmas with our Christmas popcorn letterbox gifts. Easy to send by post, with a free gift note to add an extra personal touch. Surprising family or friends with a luxurious box of our gourmet popcorn can’t get any easier!

DIY Popcorn Kits

Movie nights in get 10x better if there’s popcorn involved. And we know that sometimes there’s nothing better than making your own freshly popped popcorn snack at home. That’s why we created our Popcorn Seasoning Kit and Popcorn Toppings Kit. With plenty of popcorn kernels and 5 delicious popcorn seasonings/toppings, you’ve got all you need to make your own popcorn creation. 

Popcorn Shed's 2022 Christmas Gourmet Popcorn Range


Make your own popcorn hampers

Looking to create custom Christmas hampers yourself? We’ve got some ideas! Maybe the gifts mentioned above are a bit bulky, but our signature popcorn sheds and smaller gourmet popcorn snack packs are perfect to add to your hamper. Whether you make a popcorn-only hamper or add a variety of little treats and gifts, our range will have something for everyone.

Our ideas, you ask? Whoever the recipient may be, we’re sure they’ll love these options:

The Sweet Tooth

For someone who loves all things sweet, our Birthday Cake, Berry-licious and Pecan Pie flavours are great options. Other additions could be some chocolate, biscuits or a selection of tea/coffee to go with the treats. 

The Undecided

Sweet… Savoury… Or both?! If they’re undecided on which flavour palate they like best or they just love all things snacks, we’ve got some flavours with a bit of sweetness and a bit of salt, just how they like it. We suggest trying Salted Caramel, Butterscotch or Sweet Cheesus, which is an interesting combination of cheese and caramel popcorn. Other treats to go with these popcorn flavours are mixed nuts, crisps or biscuits.

The Savoury Lovers

For big fans of all things savoury, we recommend our cheese popcorn range, which consists of Say Cheese, Goat’s Cheese & Black Pepper and Blue Cheese popcorn. These flavours are made with real cheese and are deliciously hearty and rich. Additions to this savoury hamper could be crackers, cured meat, roasted nuts or drinks such as beer or a bottle of whiskey. 

And there’s that! Our festive Christmas popcorn range, other popcorn gifts and our ideas to make your own Christmas hampers. With these ideas, we think there’s plenty of inspiration to make your own popcorn hamper for all your loved ones. Whether you just want their favourite flavours or need something specific such as a gluten free hamper or vegan Christmas hamper, everything is possible with our range of popcorn. Good luck!

If you need help finding your ideal popcorn Christmas gift or have a question about any of our products, don't hesitate to get in touch at Our team at Shedquarters would love to help you find your perfect popcorn match!

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