British summertime is just around the corner, which can only mean one thing. It's time for Wimbledon! For the two weeks of the tournament, almost everyone in the UK is glued to the screen and waiting to see who will be crowned champion of the Grand Slam.

When you think of Wimbledon, the first thing you think of is tennis. But for most of us (especially all of us here at Shedquarters), the second thing you think of is strawberries and cream. What is more British than watching the Wimbledon final with some strawberries and cream in hand? 

But did you know that one of the most common questions about Wimbledon has got nothing to do with tennis at all? It's all about the food! And the million dollar question is: ‘how much do strawberries & cream cost at Wimbledon?’

Well, fear not! We are here to answer this question and a lot more about Wimbledon's favourite snack.


How much do strawberries & cream cost at Wimbledon?

Since 2010, the delicious tennis treat has remained priced at £2.50. For this, you’ll get at least ten Grade 1 British strawberries covered in cream (or vegan cream). This can be picked up from various outlets throughout the Wimbledon grounds. The thought of it alone makes our mouths water!


How many portions of strawberries & cream are sold at Wimbledon?

Strawberries have been served at every Wimbledon event since the tournament started in 1877. As strawberries were seen as the height of luxury in the Victorian era, it was the obvious choice for such a high society event. In modern years, the sweet treat is the most popular choice at Wimbledon. In 2019, 191,930 portions of strawberries and cream were sold - this accounted for over 81% of all food sold at the tournament!

Every year, over 38.4 tonnes of strawberries and over 7,000 litres of cream are consumed at the tournament, all of which are sourced here in the UK. Every day at Wimbledon, strawberries are freshly picked in Kent and delivered so that spectators get the freshest strawberries to enjoy, and over the course of the two weeks, that equals out to approximately 1.92 million strawberries.

Discover more about the history of strawberries and cream at Wimbledon.


Can you take food to Wimbledon?

Yes! As long as you’re not planning on packing a huge picnic or filling up your vacuum flasks, you’re more than welcome to take some snacks onto the grounds to munch on during the games. This means your possibilities are endless! If you want the sweet taste of strawberries and cream but don’t fancy queuing up to get your hands on the sweet treat, may we suggest a fun alternative?

Just in time for the start of summer, we’ve launched a brand new popcorn flavour. Which you may have already guessed is Strawberries & Cream! Our brand new flavour takes some creamy caramel gourmet popcorn and covers it in freeze-dried strawberries. This is the perfect Wimbledon treat whether you’re watching the game live on the ground or on the telly. If you do take some to compare to the Wimbledon classic, let us know how our version sizes up!


Watch the tennis with some popcorn this summer!

Here at Popcorn Shed, we want you to tuck into the tastiest snacks around this summer. So on top of our brand new Strawberries & Cream sheds, why don’t you try some of our other a-maize-ing sheds to snack on all summer long.

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