The history books are full of proud purveyors and clever creators who do their utmost to keep their recipes and ways of working secret. Just once in a lifetime do you get a chance to learn about their processes and how their creations come to life (in one particular case you literally need to win a golden ticket). Of course, there’s something to be said for keeping your cards close to your chest but we’ve never really felt that way. We wear our enthusiasm for popcorn firmly on our sleeves.

We just love everything about popcorn and we’re very proud of our popcorn making process, the things we do to achieve a certain texture or taste, and the thought process behind things like packaging and presentation.

So, in the spirit of sharing all this knowledge, we’d like to show you just how our gourmet popcorn is made. Keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times and do your best to remain seated because it’s all POPping off.

Our step-by-step production process
Let’s lift the lid on our rather unique production process.

As an artisanal brand, at every turn we use the very best products available with high-quality, non-GMO ingredients. It’s important for us to pursue only the finest quality ingredients because it quite simply produces the best popcorn. Prioritising flavour and quality is maybe the easiest (and yet, the most vital) decision we ever made.

Step 1
The first thing we do is make up a fresh batch of caramel or cheese paste. This is made entirely from scratch to guarantee complete freshness and that fantastic Popcorn Shed taste.

Here’s the caramel or cheese paste being made before the popcorn comes into play!


Step 2
Once the caramel or cheese paste is complete, we air-pop the corn. The corn we use for our gourmet popcorn range is called "mushroom" kernels. These kernels are special because they hold coating better than normal 'butterfly' kernels. We also air-pop because it’s a much healthier cooking method and it also creates a better texture and taste.

Once sufficient poppage has been achieved, we then tumble the popcorn in the fresh caramel or cheese. This ensures that all kernels are coated evenly.

Popping corn using nothing but hot air!


Step 3
With each mushroom kernel air-popped to create our famous fluffiness, we then apply a light coat of delicious caramel or cheese paste. We also add Belgian milk chocolate, fruit or nuts to enhance the flavour and mouthfeel. Yummy!

We not only scatter the popcorn lovingly, but also sufficiently to ensure an even spread.

Here’s an action shot of us scattering our popcorn with delicious chocolate.


Step 4
The fourth and final step is to cool the popcorn before airtight packing which preserves the fresh popcorn and perfect crunch. At Popcorn Shed, we care about the environment and sustainable use of materials, which is why we endeavour to use sustainable ingredients and packaging wherever possible.

Airtight bagging helps preserve freshness and quality. It may not look it but this is serious business!


FAQs for how our popcorn is made

Here are the most frequently asked questions we get when it comes to how we make our popcorn. Remember you can always POP by our contact page if you have any questions! 


How many popcorn flavours are there?

Our popcorn flavours range from sweet to savoury, covering the entire spectrum of taste and texture. Within our collection, you’ll find countless gourmet popcorn flavours. For example, our Cheese Popcorn collection not only includes a trusty 🧀 Cheddar Cheese 🧀 variation, but also 🧀 Goats Cheese 🧀 and 🧀 Blue Cheese 🧀 for the most pleasing cheese experience. Our Nut Popcorn collection has everything from 🥜 Peanut Butter 🥜 to 🥜 Pecan Pie 🥜. 

We like to think that your taste buds are well served by our flavours, and while there are certainly plenty to choose from, our selection is ever-growing! 


Have a flavour idea? Share it with us!

Have you come up with a genius flavour idea? Send all your popcorn POPosals? straight to - we’re all ears.  


I have allergies, are there any flavours I should perhaps avoid?

On each of our product listings you will find a helpful allergen tab with all the required allergen information provided. 

All our products are made in an environment where nuts, peanuts, dairy, gluten and soya are present. We carry out a rigorous clean between each production run but we can’t guarantee that our products will be completely free from small traces of these ingredients. 


Are your products healthy?

Our popcorn choices range from the indulgent to the innocent, and there are plenty of healthy choices you can make without sacrificing the great taste. We have written a little something on the matter of popcorn and nutrition - take a look at the article here.  


How is your popcorn grown?

Great tasting products are a top priority for us and we carefully source high-quality ingredients at every opportunity. We also ensure our ingredients are sourced locally where possible.

All of our factory food waste is supplied to a local farm in the village who use it to feed their cattle and lambs. This is how we minimise our waste and help feed the animals that provide some of our ingredients, like the milk that is used to make butter, an important ingredient in our gourmet popcorn.


The tour is over but let’s keep in touch

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