Halloween is almost here...

Let’s get creative!

Pumpkin carving is lots of fun and is super easy to do.

Your pumpkin can even double up as a scary face Popcorn bowl.

Just remember to watch out for things that go POP in the night!



Marker Pen

Large Spoon

Kitchen Towel

Knife or serrated cutting tool



  • Design your pumpkin face or design with marker pens.
  • Cut around the stem to create the ‘lid’ that is large enough to fit your hand and spoon inside.
  • Cut off the inside of the lid to remove any excess pumpkin
  • Use a large spoon to scoop out the pulp and seeds. This is the messy part!
  • Scrape the inside of the pumpkin with you spoon until the pumpkin flesh has all come away (you can keep this for our double pie recipe)
  • Once hollow, begin carving your design. Gently push the pieces through with your fingers.
  • Take a kitchen towel and press to absorb excess pumpkin juice
  • Fill with popcorn and enjoy!

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