What could be more fun than getting all your girlfriends together for a chilled night in at your place. Working days can be long and tiring at the best of times, so get the popcorn ready (and a cheeky glass of prosecco perhaps) and start watching a movie. It’s one of those rare opportunities to be free of men for an evening -  so enjoyment is mandatory.

While you may have your popcorn from Popcorn Shed and your wine at the ready, agreeing on what film to watch can be tricky at the best of times. We think this selection will cater to any girly night in. Let’s have a look at some of these absolute classics.

Freaky Friday

Look no further than this classic role-reversal tale of a mother and daughter who switch bodies and experience what life is like for each other. A sweet story that takes a volatile mother-daughter dynamic and turns it on its head. It will make you want to give your mum a big hug.

Bring it on

Cheerleaders are usually portrayed as mean and horrible in most American teen movies. Well, you won’t think that after watching this. Kirsten Dunst plays the new captain of a successful high school cheerleading team. But, she soon finds out that for years her team have been stealing moves from a rival school - who will face them at the next championship tournament. Expect sassiness, drama and most of all awesome dance moves.

Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion

Mira Sorinvo and Lisa Kudrow play two  28-year-old women, who have not achieved much personal success since graduating high school. They then get invited to attend their ten-year high school reunion and decide to invent stories about themselves to impress their old classmates.

Cue hilarious incidents involving desperately trying to get boyfriends and lies about post-it notes. It’s perfect to watch with your friends and is one of those genuinely feel good movies.


Watch Alicia Silverstone star as spoiled but good-natured LA teen Cher in this hilarious comedy which is very much ‘peak 90s’. There’s plenty of nostalgia to keep you laughing including giant mobile phones, Calvin Klein everything and of course plenty of ‘whatever’s’ to sink your teeth into. It’s silly, it’s fun and is perfect for the ideal night in.


Dirty Dancing

Saving the best till last is the iconic Dirty Dancing. Watch as the innocent ‘Baby’ becomes anything but, as she falls head over heels for dance instructor Johnny Castle on a long hot summer in a Catskills resort. This is a great coming of age story that is a classic. And who can forget the music - what an incredible soundtrack.

We can promise that you’ll be having the time of your life watching with your girls.

No film is complete without popcorn (Obviously). So why not try some of our fabulously delicious flavours to make your girly night in complete. Have one flavour or if you want to be really naughty have all three flavours. Click here to get closer to popcorn heaven.

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