Don't you feel like 2021 went by so fast it's hard to keep up? We sure do!

2022 is dawning and in a few days we'll be celebrating a new year full of new opportunities. Though this year might not have been as fun and free as you might have hoped because of covid restrictions, new variants and working from home, we're counting on 2022 to be a year where everything gets a little better, step by step!

However, hoping for a good 2022 doesn't mean you can't enjoy the last few days of 2021! We've accumulated a list of our top tips to make sure we go out with a POP.


1. Spend the last few days of 2021 catching up with those you haven't spoken to this year.

Whether they live far away, you've lost touch or they're self isolating at the moment, why not give them a call to let them know you haven't forgotten about them? These days can feel festive to some, but can also feel quite lonely to others. A simple call can brighten someone's day and we're pretty sure it'll brighten yours too. Why not give it a try?


2. Write down your goals for 2022, but don't be too ambitious.

Whether you're a strong believer of new year's resolutions or you bin them before you've even written them, it's always nice to think about what you'd like to do next year. Start a new job, move house, get a cat, find a new hobby or simply to eat more popcorn, your goals can be as big or as small as you want. But having things to look forward to makes your life a bit more cheerful every day!


3. Live in the moment.

After you've written down your goals for 2022, put the list away. We mean it! Stuff that thing in a drawer and don't look at it again until the 1st of January. Time to enjoy new year's eve and live in the moment. Whether you're staying in with a film and delicious treats or you've planned a night out with friends or family, enjoy it to the fullest!!

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4. Leave 2021 behind and start fresh.

When the clock hits 12, pop that champagne and celebrate the new year! No need to look back. What's done is done and it's time to focus on new and exciting opportunities. We're ready for what 2022 has to offer and we're hoping there will be so so many good things coming your way!


We wish you the happiest of happy new years and a lot of love from team Popcorn Shed! 

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