Which Gourmet Popcorn Shed flavour should you date? What sort of kernel are you? 🍿

Pop N Choc AKA The snuggle-r.🍫 Loyal, warm and cuddly. Likes a cosy, quiet night in… hello Netflix & chill. Can find Pop N Choc on the sofa, ready to greet you with a hug. Says things like 'Choc and roll' and 'Life is better with chocolate, fact.’❤️

Pecan Pie Outdoor-sy and wild. 🐿️ Likes hiking boots and warm fleeces. Ideal date is a hike followed buy a pub lunch. Can find Pecan Pie out walking the dog. Says things like ‘ Yeehaw’ and ‘ Saddle up and chow down!’❤️

Berry-licious… the hopeless romantic.🍓 Likes long walks in the park, always insists on one dessert two spoons. All about the heart. Can find Berry-licious volunteering for his/her favourite cause. Says things like ' all you need is love and popcorn' and ‘ Popcorn and love make the world go round.’❤️

Salted Caramel... The beach bum, effortlessly cool adrenalin monkey.⚓️ Likes to wear board shorts and flip flops, even in winter. Ideal date is paddle boarding, biking, skiing, whatever get’s your heart pumping. Can find Salted Caramel listening to Reggae. Says things like ' oh I do like to be besides the seaside.'❤️

Cherry Bakewell AKA - Union Shack.🇬🇧 Secretly likes fish and chips and commenting on the weather. Always wears the proper attire. Ideal date is meeting for an afternoon cream tea (with scones, cream and jam obvs). Can find Union Shack reading the paper. Says things like ‘Tally- Ho’ and ‘ excuse me, could you please tell me where the loo is?’❤️ Say Cheese! Loves a selfie. Say cheeeeese! 🧀 Likes to take photos of avocado on toast. Ideal date is somewhere with good lighting #bestdateeva. Says things like ‘ Selfie’ and ‘they ghosted me’❤️

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