Popcorn ready? Are you sitting comfortably? And is your phone out of sight? Excellent - you are now ready to start binge watching.

Let’s face it, there has never been so much choice when it comes to great TV. But with so many shows streamable from the likes of Netflix, Sky and Amazon Prime you could find yourself spending half the time looking for the right show to watch.

Well, fear not, because at Shedquarters we are here to help you cut out this painstaking process by giving you our five favourite bingeable shows.

So all you need to worry about is choosing the right flavour of popcorn - or why not have all three.

Stranger Things

If you’re a big kid like us, we reckon you’ll love this. Unless you were living under a rock in 2016, it is likely you would have heard about Stranger Things.

80s references galore, scary monsters, government conspiracies and characters you will simply adore. Think of it as The Goonies meets E.T - with a little bit of Stand by Me sprinkled in between. Have a bit of nostalgia with your popcorn and enjoy this terrific throwback to more simple times.


The Young Pope

Try and imagine this happening: The first American gets elected as Pope but not only is he handsome and young - he is also totally nuts. Unlikely? You bet it is.

The Young Pope is subversive, weird but very absorbing. Plus it’s got Jude Law - and he is just damn cool.


Game of Thrones

A relative oldie (it’s had 6 seasons since 2011) but if you care to dive in you won’t be disappointed. The combination of fantasy with very human stories, full of betrayal, romance and loads of deaths have made Game of Thrones a classic.

There are only two seasons left so if you haven’t watched this we strongly recommend starting your journey into the land of Westeros. Prepare to get angry, sad, happy and shocked - sometimes all at the same time. This is a ‘good un’.


A Series of Unfortunate Events

Based on Lemony Snicket’s successful children’s book series, which has been adapted into a mini-series by Netflix.

As the title suggests, there is nothing uplifting about the plot - in fact it couldn’t be any more miserable if it tried.

This show follows the lives of the three Baudelaire children, who go to live with their questionable guardian Count Olaf after their parents die in a fire. This is a great one for the kids (we aren’t kidding) and episodes are roughly around 30 - 35 minutes long. So, you can easily watch a few in one sitting, whilst you much on some Pecan Pie popcorn.


Black Mirror

Charlie Brooker’s dystopian drama is brilliant and because every episode is different it’s a bit like watching several short films.

Subjects vary but all offer a glimpse into a twisted future where our over-reliance on technology spectacularly backfires - trust us it’s quite scarily accurate.

 Here at Popcorn Shed we think you will have a great time watching any of these awesome shows - especially with a side of our delicious gourmet popcorn.


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