After a long year of missing our loved ones and social distancing, we’ve got a lot of catching up to do. That’s why we’re going to need bigger bags of popcorn! Because we’re hoping for 2021 to be a year full of sharing, all 6 of our Mini Pop! flavours are now available in family sized sharing bags

Ever since launching our Mini Pop! range in 2019, it has received a lot of love from all over the UK and beyond. The bold and colourful single serve bags are the perfect portion size and are the tastiest low calorie snack ever! But… what if you want to share your popcorn with your friends or family? After all, Popcorn Shed does exist for those sharing moments that matter! Because we are looking forward to getting together with friends and family again, to fun parties, picnics, long car journeys and movie nights (with your entire group of friends instead of just one!!), we decided it’s time for more popcorn! 

That’s why we are POPping with excitement to announce the launch of our new Mini Pop! Large Sharing Bags! With between 60 and 100 grams of popcorn (depending on the flavour), it’s the perfect bag size to enjoy with friends or family. Whether you’re out for a picnic, going to the cinema, going on a road trip or you’re just planning a much-needed catch-up with your friends, Mini Pop! is your perfect accompaniment! Delicious to enjoy with a cup of coffee or tea, or a nice cold drink on a hot summer day. 

About Mini Pop!

Our sub brand Mini Pop! is the UK’s first and super innovative mini popcorn range. Made from an ancient grain of corn, Mini Pop! kernels pop into teeny weeny, popsqueak-sized pieces. Half the size of the regular stuff, they still pack a punch! Smaller means easier to digest and the popcorn won’t get stuck in your teeth. Next to that, our entire Mini Pop! range is 100% vegan, gluten free, low calorie, wholegrain and kinder on your tummy! No need to thank us, just enjoy!

The flavours

Our Mini Pop! Sharing Bags are available in all 6 of our Mini Pop! Flavours:

Sea Salted: Sprinkled with the perfect amount of Sea Salt. An all-time classic.

Sweet & Salty: The perfect balance of sweet & salty. A fan favourite!

Salt & Vinegar: A British classic flavour. Light, zingy and wonderfully tasty.

Toffee: Deliciously sweet with a light and smooth butterscotch flavour. 

White Truffle: Luxury, fragrant and lightly salted. A unique flavour for all the senses.

Maple Bacon: The ultimate combination of smoky bacon and sweet maple syrup.

Let’s make 2021 all about sharing, shall we? Whether you’re planning a big night in or you can’t wait to go out, our large Mini Pop! Bags full of delicious mini popcorn are the perfect treat. We can’t wait to spend time with friends and family again, and if there’s one thing we know for sure, is that we’ll take some Mini Pop! with us to create the greatest new memories and sharing moments that matter. Why is that? Because popcorn tastes better when shared with the ones you love.

Who would you share this with? Let us know on socials @popcornshed, by replying to this blog post or through for a chance to win a Mini Pop! Mix pack with a sharing bag in all 6 flavours!

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