Use your home printer to print off these free DIY movie Popcorn Box templates!

Colour in, fill with popcorn, and use for a movie night (with or without your kids!)

Tag us @popcornshed in your beautiful creations. We will be rewarding the very best (efforts) with more POPCORN! Yippee.

See Popcorn Templates here and here and here download and print for free

Ready steady POP - Let's get creative!


White paper to print on or white card - A4
Glue/ double sided tape


Download the printable popcorn box templates above and print onto an A4 piece of paper or card.

Cut along the outer edge according to the box shape using scissors.

Using a ruler, or any dull edge, score folding lines.

Get colouring! Be creative!!

Fold the scored lines, assemble the parts with a glue or double-sided sticky tape.

Once the sides are secure, stick the bottom. Use a tape to secure the bottom. 

Fill with oodles of popcorn. 


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