Popcorn Shed is a brand new food start-up (we launched in June 2016). 

Here at the Shedquarters we specialise in gourmet popcorn, combining the best quality ingredients to make delicious flavours. 

We believe in 'paying it forward' and helping others who are just like us: working hard and starting with nothing, trying to make the world a better place. We do it with delicious gourmet popcorn!

We are new and we love new talent. Our focus is on the best, so naturally we look for the best talent to showcase our popcorn. For example, our popcorn box designs were illustrated by the extremely talented designer Perry Rowe.

We interviewed Perry… here’s what he had to say about life, design and popcorn.


Finish the sentence. My Name is... 

Perry and I am a design student from the beautiful little seaside town, Bournemouth.

Describe yourself in 3 words:


Why did you decide to become a Designer?

I was always that one kid in class that drew funny doodles for mates and made stupid things. I guess thats where it all started, being playful in a career is what excites me the most. In my eyes, design is perfect.

Where are you currently studying?

Currently in my final year of study at the Arts University of Bournemouth.

What’s next once you’ve completed your studies?

I try not to think about finishing university and saying bye to some the best people I’ve ever met, but you gotta do it! I know I don’t just want to jump straight into the first opportunity that arises, but rather explore through internships or placements and understand what type of design I would like to be involved in.   

Can you tell us a bit about your style of work?

The style originated from the very first stages of how I draw things, by blocking in basic shapes that continue into a more developed and refined drawing. I suppose thats quite a common process but that stage is my favourite part. But rather then developing the shapes, I continuously try to think of many different ways to develop these first initial stages, whether thats through texture or applying shadows and highlights.

What did you take inspiration from when you created the Popcorn Shed box illustrations?

The illustrations for the boxes were made of loads of different separate components and textures that come together to create a system, almost like a jigsaw puzzle. The reason for that is because it has the same principle as a pack of popcorn. Every piece of popcorn is different with its own texture and look and when put together creates an overall pack bursting with flavour.

Who inspires/inspired you and why?

Everyone and everything. At the end of the day, the best ideas come from the most unexpected moments so I always try to keep my eyes open. That can be in the form of anything from a misplaced shopping item to a boiling kettle. Anything and anyone can spark that magic.


Favourite movie of all time?

It would have to be Of Mice and Men, but to be honest Sausage Party is definitely up there!

What’s your favourite waste of time?

Listening to music wishing its me that could sing…

When was the last time you ate popcorn?

My first day of 3rd year which was yesterday. Sweet & Salty.

If you had a ‘Shed’ load of popcorn who would you share it with?

Me, myself and I.

If you had to introduce a new flavour to the Popcorn Shed range, what would it be?

Please be descriptive! Since your popcorn flavours are based on different types of ‘sheds’, I’ll probably start with thinking of a shed - which I can imagine a garden shed being one. The flavour could be based on what I love doing in gardens and related to food which is having barbecues. Is it possible have bbq flavoured popcorn?


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