For us, popcorn is made for sharing and for making new memories. And so is Christmas! That’s why we’ve been working hard in the shed to create the most delicious popcorn flavours to share with your loved ones this December. Whether you just can't contain your excitement any longer or you want to send a festive gift to a loved one, know that you're in for a treat with Popcorn Shed’s new Christmas popcorn flavours.

Christmas popcorn flavours

Popcorn Shed's new vegan gourmet popcorn Christmas flavours


Christmas Pudding
Vegan, Gluten Free

As an essential British staple in the festive season, Christmas Pudding is the first thing we think of when we start preparing for our Christmas dinners. According to us, and our fellow popcorn fans, this gourmet popcorn flavour is what you call Christmas in a (popcorn) shed! We’ve coated our round shaped, light air popped corn with a rich caramel, infused with all natural, high quality festive spices. That’s the feeling of Christmas, captured in crunchy popcorn kernels full of flavour. 

Vegan, Gluten Free

New to our Christmas popcorn range this year, is another festive favourite of ours: Gingerbread popcorn! Many of us grew up with the tradition of baking and/or decorating gingerbread men, and we think some traditions have to be kept alive forever. But if you’ve got other plans this December or just want to keep it easy, we’ve got the perfect solution to all your gingerbread cravings. This new popcorn flavour is the tastiest blend of warm, smooth caramel, real ginger and festive spices to create that signature gingerbread flavour we all know and love. 

Chocolate Orange
Vegan, Gluten Free

Another new addition to our gourmet range is the droolworthy combination that is Chocolate Orange popcorn. Available all year round but very popular around Christmas time, this chocolatey treat is both fruity and smooth. We’ve coated our popped corn with a rich caramel infused with real orange and melted delicious creamy dark chocolate on top. For all chocolate lovers and popcorn addicts alike, we think this is going to be your new favourite this Christmas!

Want to try them all?

Because we think everyone should be able to enjoy luxury popcorn treats this December, our Christmas popcorn flavours are completely vegan and gluten free. Want to try them all? Our 3 shed Christmas bundle has everything you need to get the festive season started. Don’t forget to let us know which flavour is your favourite!

Looking for more flavours to spice up your Christmas popcorn selection? Check out our other flavours here.

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