Have you ever noticed popcorn kernels are basically crunchy and fluffy Easter eggs? Look closely and you'll see! That's why we think popcorn is the perfect, unique gift for your loved ones this Easter. We've compiled some of our favourite products that'll definitely satisfy your Easter treat cravings!

Happy Easter Popcorn Gift Tin

With three delicious flavours of gourmet popcorn, this is the perfect gift to make sure your loved ones have plenty to snack on this Easter. The best thing is, it's reusable as a biscuit tin/socks compartment/plant pot after you've eaten all the popcorn!

Ultimate Popcorn Tasting Bundle

What do you think about hosting an alternative Easter egg hunt this year? These snack packs are perfect to hide and make for a colourful variety of flavours everyone will love!

Vegan Popcorn Bundle

Looking for some vegan treats or are you trying to find some low calorie treats to snack on this Easter? Look no further! This vegan bundle with 6 flavours of popcorn is perfect for both.

Cheese Popcorn Variety Pack

Prefer some savoury treats instead of all of the Easter chocolate and sweet stuff? This cheesy bundle with three different cheese flavours will do very well with all savoury lovers around!

Chocolate Variety Pack

Hands up if you love chocolate! We're big fans of this yummy product and love combining it with popcorn. That's why this chocolate popcorn bundle is one of our favourites! We're sure you'll love it too :)

For more ideas, check out our Easter gifts category!

What are you snacking on this Easter? Are you hiding our snack packs in the Easter egg hunt or are you more of a traditional chocolate egg lover? Let us know on socials @popcornshed for a chance to win some popcorn!

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