Welcome to Shedquarters! Here at Popcorn Shed, we want everyone to feel included and able to enjoy our delicious products, regardless of their dietary needs. Nothing is worse than being cornfused about whether your favourite snack is safe for you to eat. That’s why we offer an a-maize-ing range of fantastic flavours that are suitable for all kinds of dietary needs!


Gluten-Free Popcorn

Fun Fact: Most of our popcorn is gluten-free!

We didn’t want you to miss out on the popping goodness of our products. Our yummy flavours make for a perfect pick me up.

We know that, whatever your tastes, there is going to be a gluten-free option you’ll love. We have all bases covered. For the sweet toothed among us, our Berry-licious Shed and Cherry Bakewell Shed are a must-try. All you savoury fans out there, our cheesy 3-Shed Cheese Bundle will tickle your taste buds!

If you’re like us and love a bit of both, try one of our gluten free popcorn bundles and find your favourite!


Mini Pop! Vegan Popcorn


Vegan-Friendly Popcorn

Our plant-based heroes deserve a sweet or savoury treat just like the rest of us! We strongly believe that just because you're vegan doesn’t mean you should lose out on flavour. This is why we offer a yummy range of vegan-friendly popcorn choices.

Mini Pop! is our pop-tastic range of vegan-friendly popcorn! Smaller popcorn kernels are used here to create a fun treat but that doesn’t mean we skimp out on flavour! Better yet, these pop-squeak sized popcorn delights don’t get stuck in your teeth! There are so many cool facts about our Mini Pop! range, we compiled them all into this handy blog post. We offer a range of a-maize-ing Mini Pop! flavours.

We have developed six mouthwatering flavours for you to try! Sea Salted, Salt & Vinegar, Sweet & Salty, Toffee, White Truffle and Maple Bacon. Yes, you read that last one right! Using all natural flavours, including oak smoked sugar and maple sugar along with other a-maize-ing flavours,we have created a perfect vegan maple bacon flavour.

Our Butterscotch Popcorn is vegan-friendly, too! Who doesn’t love the sweet, sweet flavour of butterscotch? We’ve managed to perfect a buttery popcorn without any butter! This sweet pop of tastiness is a dream for anyone and everyone!

We know you’ll love this vegan-friendly option. Want to know how confident we are that you'll love it? You can treat yourself to a Megabag of this delicious popcorn!

Not sure what flavour to try first? We can’t blame you! Try our Vegan Popcorn Bundle to try out all the flavours.


Diabetic-Friendly Popcorn

We know that our customers with diabetes need to be careful with how much sugar they have. That doesn’t mean you need to lose out on some scrumptious flavours. With our range of sugar-free options, you won’t have to miss out on the fun!

Some of our tasty Mini Pop! collection is sugar-free, which means you can join in with the mini popcorn party as well! Our White Truffle and Sea Salt Mini Pops! give you the best of both worlds, being sugar-free, vegan-friendly and 100% delicious.

Prefer something a bit cheesy? Our 3 Shed Cheese Popcorn Bundle is also sugar-free! Made up of our Goat’s Cheese Shed, Blue Cheese Shed and Say Cheese! Shed, the bundle is a cheese lover's dream.


Are you tempted to try any of these POPpin’ flavours? Let us know which shed you try on our Instagram account, @popcornshed. We’d love to hear from you!

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