Need a break from work/school/life? We love watching some Netflix in our free time! It’s a great way to get a laugh and relax at the end of the day with a cosy jumper, a fuzzy throw, some popcorn and a cup of tea. We’ve come up with a list of some popular shows in the UK now and what gourmet popcorn you should be snacking on watching it!

If you love watching Sherlock and into crime, mystery and even a little bit of drama in shows then you’ll love our White Truffle popcorn. This show is based in the UK and dives into mysterious events happening today in London. Every episode has a new crime and stories that will keep you wanting more like our popcorn. White Truffle has lightly salty and aromatic layers just like the show that will keep you entertained for hours (the show, that is. We bet the popcorn won't last that long!!) 

Was The Great British Baking Show Holiday one of your favourite shows last year or are you still bingeing it now? If so then you’ll fall in love with Cherry Bakewell. You are a true Brit at heart and want to celebrate by watching this show and eating this fun dessert in a new format. It’s the perfect popcorn to have during the show because it takes the stress out of baking and puts all the flavour into our kernels. The food on the screen is mouth-watering, but we can solve that problem with our brilliant gourmet Cherry Bakewell.

Are you binging the show The End of the F***ing World? If you are, your perfect popcorn pairing is our Cookies & Cream! This is a great show for people who love dark comedy. There’s a lot of twists and turns in the development of the characters that keep you on the edge of your seat. To make the experience even sweeter our Cookies & Cream popcorn would make a perfect match.

If Black Mirror is one of your go-to shows then you’ll love our Berry-licious popcorn. This show features darker and satirical scenes that mirror things going on in our society today that could be our future. This show features a modern British dystopian society that makes you think and reflect. To complement the complexity of this show Berry-licious is the perfect match. There’s more than meets the eye just like in this show. At first, it looks like chocolate popcorn, but it has hints of berry that make it a great match.


Which shows do you love right now? And most importantly, which popcorn flavours are you eating with it? Tell us on socials @popcornshed for the chance to win more popcorn for your binge nights!

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