As the days grow longer and the warmth of spring envelopes us, it's time to elevate your snacking experience with Popcorn Shed's extraordinary flavours. Bid farewell to winter blues and embrace the vibrant spirit of the season with our unique selection of light and fruity gourmet popcorn. 

Unique Spring Popcorn Blends
At Popcorn Shed, we transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Our spring collection boasts a symphony of flavours that dance on your taste buds. Picture indulging in the rich, buttery notes of Salted Caramel with Milk Chocolate as you soak up the sun or immersing yourself in the nutty goodness of Peanut Butter Caramel, a perfect accompaniment for those spring picnics.

Gourmet Sunshine Snacks
Our gourmet sunshine snacks are crafted to perfection, offering a satisfying crunch with every bite. Whether it be for lazy afternoons in the park or leisurely strolls beneath blooming cherry blossoms, Popcorn Shed’s gourmet popcorn is the ideal companion. Light on the palate but with full on flavour – the essence of spring in every mouthful!

Seasonal Popcorn Delights
Spring is a season of renewal, and we like to snack on seasonal flavours that capture this essence perfectly. From the rich and mature Blue Cheese popcorn to fruity Pink Gin & Tonic popcorn and everything in between, we’re sure there’s something that’ll make your taste buds dance! Produced with the highest quality, all natural ingredients, we try to ensure that your snacking moments are as vibrant and refreshing as the spring itself. Why not check out all available flavours here?

Light and Fruity Flavours
This season, we think our fruity flavours deserve a little extra love. Because we just love all the flavourful fruits spring has to bring, we used some of them in our indulgent gourmet popcorn recipes. Introducing…

Strawberries & Cream: Caramel popcorn infused with real strawberries and double cream. 

Berry-licious: Raspberry caramel popcorn, topped with Belgian dark chocolate. 

Cherry Bakewell: Caramel almond popcorn with real freeze dried cherries. 

Pink Gin & Tonic: Caramel popcorn made with real gin, and hints of raspberries and lime. 

As the sun shines brighter and nature awakens, celebrate the joy of the season and let Popcorn Shed be your go-to companion for spring snacking. Our commitment to using only the finest, all-natural ingredients ensures that every bite is a guilt-free pleasure. Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Browse all spring snacks here.

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