The Tastiest Debate!

Welcome to Shedquarters! Firstly, thank you for POPping by and welcome to the Popcorn Shed’s guide to sweet vs savoury Popcorn: the yummiest debate in history!

There’s been a fair bit of corn-flict over sweet or savoury popcorn over the years and with the introduction of sweet & salty popcorn, it momentarily put the differences of cinema go-ers aside - but the world is changing! Popcorn is evolving and the scale of sweet and savoury flavours has grown even wider.

With so many a-maize-ing flavours to choose from, it can be a challenge figuring out which flavour makes you pop. What’s more, knowing what popcorn flavour to get as a gift can be even more troublesome! That’s why we’ve put together a handy, fun guide that shows you where each of our flavours lie on a scale of most sweet to most savoury. From Butterscotch to Blue Cheese, we’ve got the lot! So, without further ado, let’s POP to it! Find the perfect sweet or savoury popcorn flavour for you or a loved one, right here!


Popcorn sweet vs savoury scale


Birthday Cake: Did somebody say candles? This timeless flavour is growing in popularity and evokes previous memories with each bite, but watch out! This is our sweetest pop in the shed!

Cookies & Cream: Grab a blanket, put a film on and get your gnashers around these sweet, addictive, cookies and cream delights!

Pecan Pie: Made with real pecan nuts, this golden, buttery, caramel popcorn tastes warm and comforting. Perfect for a winter's day.

Rainbow: Vanilla caramel popcorn that takes you somewhere over the rainbow. Colourful, and perfect for a tea party!

Cherry Bakewell: Our British-made popcorn collection wouldn’t be complete without this nutty, almond-based classic dessert!

Toffee Mini Pop!: Tiny but tasty, put your sweetest foot forward for this award-winning, crowd-pleasing sweet treat!

Pop'n'Choc: A cocoa-infused caramel base, topped with yummy, smooth Belgian milk chocolate. Doesn't that sound like chocolatey music to your ears?!

Christmas Pudding: Get the brandy, the celebrations have started! Fruity, nutty and earthy, a classic Christmas flavour!

Salted Caramel: We’re not sure why salted caramel is so good, but we’re too hungry to sit around and question it!

Berry-licious: We didn’t forget you berry lovers! Combined with dark chocolate, these sharp berries add a real ZING to your POP!

Peanut Butter: Rich peanut butter caramel with real nuts to add that little salty crunch. We love it and we know you will too.

Butterscotch: The sweet, buttery classic with a hint of sea salt. An unrivalled flavour that stands proud on the sweet scale!

Maple Bacon Mini Pop!: MmmHmm. Sweet smoky bacon and maple syrup. First a controversial breakfast, now a staple, this savoury sweet blend can be anyone’s friend.

Sweet & Salty Mini Pop!: Whether it’s a scary movie or a rom-com, this is without a doubt the cinema’s favourite in Mini Pops! form.

Sweet Cheesus: Our very own scale-tipper! This cheesey treat can be enjoyed by sweet and savoury popcorn lovers!

Sea Salt Mini Pop!: The classic of the snacking world. Get transported back to your first ever crisp with these Mini Pop! favourites.

White Truffle Mini Pop!: Easily our biggest divider! White truffle popcorn is for the more daring savoury popcorn lovers out there.

Salt & Vinegar Mini Pop!: At the top of our scale, we have the classic, savoury seaside favourite, salt’n’vinegar! You’ll be licking your lips after every bite.

Blue Cheese: Moo-ve over and try something new. Rich, creamy blue cheese for the more sophisticated of palettes!

Say Cheese: Who doesn’t love to be a bit cheesy? We’re especially cheesy and CORNy here at Shedquarters and couldn’t resist creating this delicious flavour.

Goat's Cheese: We’re not kidding when we tell you this sharp, creamy goats cheese packs a super savoury punch.


We hope our POPpin’ guide has helped you uncover the perfect popcorn flavour for you. Whether you’re a sweet or savoury person, we’re sure there’s a popcorn flavour just right for your taste buds!

Still corn-fused by all the great options? Why not find out what popcorn flavour you are to help make the final decision. What’s that? You want more? Join our mailing list and stay up to date with all of the happenings here at Shedquarters!

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