When it comes to popcorn, most people envision the classic buttery or salty flavours. However, Popcorn Shed has taken the snacking world by storm with their range of unusual and unique popcorn flavours. From the tantalising Pink Gin to the savoury Maple Bacon and the whimsical Birthday Cake and Unicorn, these unique popcorn flavours are sure to surprise and delight. In this blog post, we will delve into Popcorn Shed's most extraordinary creations and guide you to which one you might like the most!

Pink Gin gourmet popcorn shed

Pink Gin

Raise a glass to Popcorn Shed's Pink Gin flavour; one of the latest additions to the range. We infused our fresh caramel with real gin and freeze dried raspberries for a fruity and light flavour with allll the summer vibes. With hints of lime and tonic, this flavour is a perfect balance of our favourite drink ingredients and creates a scrumptious pink gin and tonic popcorn. It's a perfect choice for those seeking a refreshing, yet sophisticated snacking experience. If you like fruity popcorn or fancy a cheeky tipple at any time of the day, this popcorn sure is worth a try!

Maple Bacon gourmet popcorn shed

Maple Bacon

Indulge in the mouthwatering combination of sweet and savoury with our Maple Bacon flavour. We’ve stirred up a maple flavoured caramel and sprinkled in crunchy and smoky bacon flavoured bits. This combines the rich and smoky flavours of bacon with the sweet, golden goodness of maple syrup. If you can’t choose between sweet and savoury, or are a big fan of maple and bacon pancakes, this one’s for you!

Birthday Cake gourmet popcorn shed

Birthday Cake

You can make every day worth celebrating with our Birthday Cake popcorn flavour. This whimsical popcorn variety captures the joy and nostalgia of birthdays with its delicious blend of our fresh vanilla cake caramel, white chocolate and colourful sprinkles. It's a delightful choice for those craving cake on a daily basis (us, oops!), and is a unique treat for kids parties too.

Candy floss flavoured unicorn popcorn shed

Unicorn Popcorn

Unleash your inner child with our new Unicorn popcorn. After the success of our Rainbow popcorn, we just knew we have to create something that resembled our favourite mythical creature: the unicorn. This enchanting popcorn is made with our fresh candy floss flavoured caramel, which is coloured with pretty pastel blues, pinks and purples, before coating our air popped corn. With its magical appearance and delightful taste, it's a truly unique snacking experience for both kids and adults to enjoy.

And there you have it!

Popcorn Shed's range of unusual and unique popcorn flavours is a testament to their commitment to culinary creativity and flavour innovation. Whether you're drawn to the cheeky Pink Gin, savoury Maple Bacon, the sweet Birthday Cake, or magical Unicorns, there's an extraordinary popcorn flavour waiting to be discovered. Which one are you going for? Check out all our 30+ flavours here.

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