As true Brits, we sure do love a good cuppa! Early in the morning to wake us up, as a little pick-me-up when we’re feeling a bit sluggish in the afternoon or just to relax and wind down before going to bed, tea is always an option!  Now and then we love a proper afternoon tea with lots of treats, but when we’re busy creating and selling popcorn to all you lovely lot, there’s no time for that! That’s why we’ve made a list of our favourite tea and popcorn pairings based on your tea of choice. Any of these combinations are perfectly fit to enjoy every single day! Let’s pop to it.

English Breakfast

This tea is our number one choice for an everyday cuppa (or 5!). If you most enjoy a hot cup of delicious English Breakfast tea, we’re sure you’ll love our Butterscotch gourmet popcorn. This signature flavour is deliciously sweet and buttery with a hint of sea salt. And it’s vegan! 

Another good option is our Pecan Pie gourmet popcorn. Its sweet, nutty and warm flavour notes fit very well with the pure and simple flavour of English Breakfast tea. A perfect combination, if you ask us!

Earl Grey

Here at Shedquarters, Earl Grey is the other popular option. A little more unique than English Breakfast, a good Earl Grey has the unique flavour of bergamot and a hint of citrus. This warm yet fresh flavour combination fits perfectly with our Salted Caramel gourmet popcorn, which contains a smooth caramel base with a hint of sea salt and an extra coating of Belgian milk chocolate. The rich and smooth flavour complements the fresh Earl Grey flavour incredibly well. 

If you’re looking for a savoury option, we’d recommend Blue Cheese gourmet popcorn. Though this might sound strange, the creamy and mature blue cheese flavour adds depth to the warm and fresh Earl Grey, making it a uniquely delicious combination!

Green Tea

Did you know green tea goes very well with white chocolate? Because the tea tastes very fresh, but slightly bitter, white chocolate is a perfect match. That’s why our Birthday Cake gourmet popcorn is an excellent match. These two products create a perfect balance between the fresh taste of green tea and the sweet, vanilla cake flavour of the popcorn. YUM! 

If you’re more of a savoury gal or you’re looking for a low calorie, sugar free snack, we’d like to recommend our Sea Salted popcorn from our Mini Pop! range. Sometimes simple flavours do the trick! 

Fruity Tea

Cherry tea, strawberry tea, mango tea, you love it all! If you’re a fan of fruity flavours, we’re sure you’ll love our Berry-licious gourmet popcorn! This flavour combines caramel and real raspberries with a deliciously rich dark chocolate coating. Not overly sweet, but just sweet enough to satisfy your sweet snack cravings! A truly unique flavour that will surprise you every time.

If you feel like your fruity tea is all the fruit you’re going to consume all day, you might want a slightly simpler popcorn snack. Why not try our Sweet & Salty popcorn from our Mini Pop! range? With the perfect balance between sweet and salty, it’s going to be your new favourite low calorie snack!

Herbal Tea

Not a fan of caffeine? Chances are you enjoy a delicious cup of herbal tea now and then. Because there are so many different types of herbs, the flavour variety is endless! Generally, herbal tea flavours are quite mild, yet unique. For a fitting popcorn snack, we would recommend our British Cherry Bakewell gourmet popcorn flavour. With a deliciously smooth caramel almond flavour and a kick of real cherries, this flavour will complement every herbal tea!

If you don’t really like fruity popcorn flavours, we’ve got another good idea. What about Peanut Butter gourmet popcorn? It consists of a rich and warm peanut caramel popcorn base with actual chunks of peanuts for a pleasant texture and the ultimate crunch. Absolutely POPpin’ delicious!

Chai Tea

The opposite of herbal tea must be chai tea, which is full of the most delicious spices. Perfect as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up with a kick, we think you should have a spiced popcorn flavour to go with! Why not try our Christmas Pudding gourmet popcorn? This rich caramel popcorn with festive spice is the perfect snack to go with a chai tea.

If you would rather combine a chai tea with a sweet and chocolatey popcorn snack, Pop’n’Choc gourmet popcorn is your go-to flavour! With a cocoa-infused caramel base and an extra layer of chocolate on top, this gourmet popcorn flavour is true chocolate galore!

What is your favourite snack to have with a delicious cup of tea? Are you trying one of these unique popcorn flavour matches or do you have your own idea? We’d love to hear them! Let us know on socials @popcornshed, by replying to this blog post or through for a chance to win your favourite popcorn flavour!

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