Hello, popcorn enthusiasts! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the great outdoors beckon us to indulge in a perfect picnic. Whether you're heading to the park, the beach, or the countryside, a well-packed snack spread can make your outdoor adventure even more delightful. Today, we're here to guide you on creating the ultimate popcorn picnic using Popcorn Shed's gourmet popcorn snack packs, and a variety of other delicious snacks and drinks. Let's turn your outdoor escapade into a snack paradise!

Variety is the Spice of Life
Popcorn Shed's gourmet popcorn snack packs come in an array of delectable flavours. From Pecan Pie to Cheddar Cheese to Millionaire’s Shortbread, there’s something for every single taste bud. Can’t choose a flavour, or are you trying to keep things interesting for your guests? Why not opt for a variety pack to cater to everyone's cravings? After all, a picnic is the perfect occasion to explore new flavours and find new favourites to indulge in!

Portion Control Made Easy
Say goodbye to bulky popcorn bags that take up precious picnic basket space. Popcorn Shed's portion-sized packs are not only convenient but also ensure that each member of your picnic party gets just the right amount of popcorn goodness. Pack a mix of sweet and savoury options to cater to diverse tastes, all neatly tucked into your basket for easy access.

Popcorn Shed's selection of convenient portion sized snacks in over 25 flavours

To Add To Your Picnic Spread
Elevate your picnic game by pairing popcorn with complimentary snacks. The crunchy texture of popcorn goes hand in hand with a variety of treats. Consider adding some cheese cubes, fresh fruit slices, or a selection of nuts to create a balanced and satisfying spread. The combination of sweet and savoury will tantalise your taste buds (and theirs!) and leave you wanting more. Our current favourites? Fruit salad, watermelon wedges, cheddar cheese cubes, roasted salty almonds and vegetable sticks with hummus.

Brilliant Picnic Beverages
No picnic is complete without refreshing beverages. Whether you prefer a classic lemonade, a sparkling water, or a fruity iced tea, make sure to pack drinks that complement your popcorn choices. The contrast of a fizzy drink with some savoury crunch of popcorn is a match made in picnic heaven, whereas a fresh and slightly sour lemonade goes super well with sweet caramel popcorn flavours. 

Mindful Snacking
Next time you munch away on your gourmet popcorn, why not take a moment to savour the experience? Enjoy the crisp sound of each bite, the burst of flavour, and the joy of sharing tasty moments with friends and family. As we like to think, good quality popcorn is not just a snack; it’s a celebration of just one of the simple pleasures of life!

In conclusion, a popcorn picnic with Popcorn Shed's portion-sized gourmet popcorn snack packs is a recipe for outdoor snack success. So, grab your picnic blanket, gather your loved ones, and let the popcorn party begin. Here's to good company, great snacks, and unforgettable picnics!

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