Us Brits love a day out at the garden centre. Every generation, young and old are becoming more obsessed with the joy of buying some new plants to add style and greenery to their home. However, we already know that a garden centre has an a-maize-ing range of plants and outdoor furniture, but now there's a huge range of homeware, lifestyle products and gourmet food gifts to browse in many garden centres too. 

Here’s why you should stock our luxury popcorn in your garden centre:

Garden centres are a retail experience 

A typical UK garden centre is a large, self-contained retail experience that is almost always found in a market town or village, which means customers will be looking for and expecting mostly artisan and gourmet products, just like our popcorn gifts! 

The emphasis has changed away from simply being a supplier of plants and garden equipment throughout time. While that is still at the forefront of a garden centre's mission, they are now more of a lifestyle destination. Consumers are a lot more inclined to go to your garden centre and stop off for a bite to eat at the cafe, and what’s better than offering them some de-popping-liscious gourmet popcorn to keep them grinning from ear to ear for the rest of the day!

Garden centres products attract a wide variety of customers

A trip to the garden centre can be a family affair and keep all ages entertained for the majority of the day, and of course, our wide variety of gourmet flavours can tickle the taste buds of the whole family, whether you’re a sweet or savoury fanatic, we can guarantee your customers won’t be able to resist popping our flavours and gifts into their basket! 

If your customers have somehow managed to miss our wonderfully vibrant range of popcorn gifts and bundles, having a few of our sheds at the till point is an excellent way to increase purchases at your centre, after all who could say no to our delectably delightful gourmet snacks?

Strawberries and cream popcorn just in time for summer

This should be at the top of your list of reasons why our popcorn should be stocked in your garden centre. The popcorn wizards at Shedquarters have managed to magic this all time classic British dessert into a yummy popcorn snack! As your garden centre fills up over the summer with the masses of the British public ready to give their garden a makeover, they may want plants which originate from all over the world, but nothing beats the quintessentially British taste of strawberries and cream. This one is guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser as we lead up to the summer months so don’t hesitate and make sure you’re stocking this seasonal delight right away!

Become a Popcorn Shed stockist

So you’ve decided you want to stock our gorgeously gourmet popcorn in your garden centre? Well we can’t say we blame you! Take a look at the big brands which have already made the pop-ular decision to become a Popcorn Shed stockist and fill in our access form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible! 

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