Be kind to yourself.

We may have all been forced to have a little space at the moment, but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

Here are some self- care tips that you can practice. A small thing every day can make the world of difference.


This may seem pretty basic but drink water, and hydrate your body. Do you ever find that you’ve been sitting in the same spot for hours and have barely had a sip of water? We’re 70% water after all. 


Not sure about you but the skin on our hands is looking pretty flaky at the moment.  Lather on some moisturiser. In fact... Why stop at the skin on your hands... Find that facemask... You deserve it. And white you’re at it, manicure and pedicure.


There are some great apps available to help you master this practice. Why not try a free trial with Insight Timer, Calm and headspace.

Did someone say bath time? 

Whip out those Epsom salts. Light that candle. Have a soak in the tub. There’s nothing quite like some bubbles and a soak to set you back on track. You deserve it! 

Make time to catch up

Check in with friend and family. How’s everyone doing? FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, House Party... Just remember if you’ve put that facemark on!


Keep the body moving, from small stretches, to yoga on the floor or a full HIIT workout. There are some great free workouts or 30 days trials available. Check out Les Mills, Class Pass and lots of the gyms are hosting daily workouts on Instagram stories or IGTV.


Watch a good film. Start a new book.  We have you covered on the snack front...

Get some rest

With everything going on, our heads are spinning. Make some time to sleep and rest.

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