A number of us are now at HOME for the near future. Not ideal. However, it may as well be a clean and tidy one! Studies have shown that a disorganised home can lead to increased stress levels. And we definitely don't want that.

Have you done some spring cleaning yet?👀 No?? Why not do it now, while you're staying safe at home (we hope)? Good news, we've got some VERY useful tips for you! We advise you to read them carefully and follow them step by step!🤓 

If we follow the tidying advice from cleaning guru Marie Kondo. MK says to do the following...  

1) Commit yourself to tidying up.

Make a schedule. What rooms have you been avoiding? Do those first. Or go room by room.  MK also recommends you categorise and tidy by category not by location e.g. clothes. Rather than under the bed and wardrobe.

2) Imagine your ideal lifestyle.

Hello Kit Kemp decor! What MK recommend one does is to visualise your ideal home and lifestyle like... I want to be popcorn prince surrounded by delicious tasty treats in a clean house.  

3) Ask yourself if it sparks joy.

MK is famous for asking these questions when deciding to toss or keep. If the answer is no... then bye bye.

Our advice... Nostalgia and sentimentality is not your friend when cleaning up. Be brutal. Do you really want to keep hold of that? Chuck chuck chuck. 

4) Tidy in order

MK has created a checklist for you. Clothes, Books, Papers, Miscellaneous stuff and Sentimental. 

 But most importantly... Have fun with it!

What is your best spring cleaning hack?🌼

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