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What Popcorn Shed Flavour Relationship Are You?

We like to think we know what makes a good relation here at Shedquarters. I mean our flavour matchmaking game is pure magic... The perfect tongue twisting combination of Sweet & Salty can be found in our Sweet & Salty Mini Pop! popcorn AND who hasn’t tried our award winning Salted Caramel with Belgian Milk chocolate (We’ve won a two Great Taste Awards for that flavour alone).  And how incredible moreish is our Berry-Vicious Raspberry & Dark chocolate?!

 1. The Besties. 
You were friends first. Thunder buddies for life, but somehow your late night gossip sessions have turned into something more. From childhood sweethearts to grown-up love monkeys. Your flavour is Butterly Nuts - A nutty classic. 

2. Like Glue.
It’s just not the same if your other-half isn’t there. You are the ying to their yang. You finish each-other’s sentences. You make single people barf but secretly they’re oozing with jealousy. Youre flavour is Berry-licious - Full of flavour and passion.

3. The Couch Potatoes (AKA Couch Kernels).
You’re cosy, settled, and in it for the long haul. Your flavour is Pop N Choc - Comforting and Chocolatey. 

4. The Power Couple.
You guys actually DO. Your flavour is - Salted Caramel - A perfect combination, a winning team.

5. Meant To Be. 
It was love at first sight. The stars aligned and fate kicked in. Your flavour is. Union Shack - Cherry Bakewell. The flavours just work, it was meant to be.

6. The Distant Lovers.
Not always together in person, but connected by heart. Your favour is. Pecan Pie - An American inspired flavour but made in the UK.