We like to think we know what makes a good relationship here at Shedquarters. I mean our flavour matchmaking game is pure magic... The perfect tongue twisting combination of Sweet & Salty can be found in our Sweet & Salty Mini Pop! popcorn AND who hasn’t tried our award winning Salted Caramel with Belgian Milk chocolate (We’ve won a two Great Taste Awards for that flavour alone).  And how incredible moreish is our Berry-licious Raspberry & Dark chocolate?!


 1. The Besties. 
You were friends first. Thunder buddies for life, but somehow your late night gossip sessions have turned into something more. From childhood sweethearts to grown-up love monkeys. Your flavour is Peanut Butter - A nutty classic. 

2. Like Glue.
It’s just not the same if your other-half isn’t there. You are the ying to their yang. You finish each-other’s sentences. You make single people barf but secretly they’re oozing with jealousy. Youre flavour is Berry-licious - Full of flavour and passion.

3. The Couch Potatoes (AKA Couch Kernels).
You’re cosy, settled, and in it for the long haul. Your flavour is Pop N Choc - Comforting and Chocolatey. 

4. The Power Couple.
You guys actually DO. Your flavour is - Salted Caramel - A perfect combination, a winning team.

5. Meant To Be. 
It was love at first sight. The stars aligned and fate kicked in. Your flavour is. Cherry Bakewell. The flavours just work, it was meant to be.

6. The Distant Lovers.
Not always together in person, but connected by heart. Your favour is. Pecan Pie - An American inspired flavour but made in the UK. 


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