Don’t worry, we haven’t made mushroom flavoured popcorn...yet. But maybe in the future… Anyway, mushroom popcorn and butterfly popcorn are terms used to describe the shape of the kernels, which we reckon is probably something you’ve never really thought about when munching on our yummy popcorn. We love a good debate here at Shedquarters so you’ve come to the right place if you’ve had sleepless nights over mushroom and butterfly popcorn!


Mushroom popcorn

These crazy kernels have a unique round shape and are the largest of their kind.When popped, they look like teeny tiny mushrooms (hence the name)! Mushroom popcorn is a-maize-ing for coating with yummy gourmet flavours like caramel, chocolate and cheese! The surface area of mushroom popcorn is larger than other varieties which means it holds the coatings better and won’t disintegrate into pesky crumbs. 

Because mushroom popcorn kernels require a lot of heat to pop, stove-top popcorn poppers are ideal for making mushroom popcorn at home, or you could just grab some of our yummy popcorn, we’ve got so many flavours to choose from! These are the type of kernels we use, so we guarantee each piece is popped to perfection and completely coated in yummy gourmet flavours!


 Mushroom Popcorn


Butterfly popcorn

Butterfly kernels (also known as snowflake kernels) pop into a variety of shapes and patterns. This popcorn is similar to the airy, fluffy variety found in cinemas. Butter and seasonings easily stick to the many "wings" of the popped butterfly kernels, however, thicker coatings may cause this popcorn to disintegrate, and nobody likes disintegrated popcorn.

Butterfly Popcorn 


But which is best…?

We love all popcorn here at Shedquarters and we couldn’t possibly choose our favourite! But if we really had to, it has to be the mushroom kernels we use to create our a-maize-ing gourmet popcorn! If you love a gooey, sticky caramel flavour or a strong cheese treat, then definitely go for mushroom popcorn, which you can find right here at Popcorn Shed! Handy right?


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