Enjoy a fun evening or afternoon with a board game. Here is a selection of our favourite board games.  


Contains cards with real words nobody has ever heard of. A word is read aloud, players try to come up with definitions that at least sound plausible, because points are later awarded for every opposing player who guessed that your definition was the correct one.


It’s kind of like charades, but with drawing on paper instead of acting out the answers. You dont need great drawing talent to play this but it does help. The sketcher is drawing at the same time as the players try to be first to guess the correct answer.

One Night Werewolf!

This is a modern board game as there is an App to download. It’s a fast pace game which can have 3- 10 players. Everyone get a role/character which has different powers. And it’s a game of bluffing. really fun!


A golden oldie but a great timeless board game. Everyone is a detective! Who killed who with which weapon. We think it was ‘Kernel’ Mustard in the parlour with some popcorn ;).


Have you seen these games? Jackbox Games are available on a wide variety of digital platforms such as Apple TV, Playstation, Xbox One etc. Participants take part using their mobile phones.

There are lots of games to choose from, our favourites are...

Jackbox - Drawful which is a modern day Pictionary! Really fun to play

Jackbox - Fibbage  which is a modern day Balderdash! Great fun to play

House Party App 

This app allows you to join a room with up to 8 people. You can play a number of games, all from the comfort of your home.


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