Sorry Netflix, the cinemas are open again! Popcorn at the ready, please! Where should we sit…?

A-maize-ing news everyone! The cinemas are back, and we have yummy gourmet popcorn to make your movie even sweeter! Thanks for POPping by our expert guide to where the best place to sit in the cinema is! There’s real science behind this, and you thought we were only good for making the best tasting yummiest popcorn!

For too long now, you’ve been enjoying our Ultimate Movie Night In Bundle at home, but now you can indulge with it in front of the big screen (gasp!). You won’t find crazy flavour combos like our own on offer at the cinema, but what you will find is row after row of seats, so where should you park yourself I hear you ask?

Whether you’re on a first date (no more awkward video calls... phew), or just pop-ing down for a mate date, this is your ultimate guide on the best place to sit! Lights, camera, action!

The best place to sit in the cinema on a date

So you’ve secured a post-lockdown date, result! Let’s get the basics dealt with first, why not treat your date to a gourmet popcorn bundle! It’s the perfect conversation starter - sweet or savoury? Are they a classic butterscotch fan or could they be tempted by our unique blue cheese popcorn?
It goes without saying the first few rows should be avoided at all costs, you don’t want you and your date to be leaving with a neck strain, not exactly romantic. A first date should be relaxed and casual, so if you’re thinking of sneaking into the back corner, you could possibly be making an uncomfortable situation for your date.

The expert lowdown

According to our experts, the best place to sit in the cinema isn’t right at the back, it’s two-thirds of the way back. This is where audio engineers do the primary tests on a theatre’s sound system, so the middle seat of this row ends up giving cinemagoers the optimal sound experience. You’ll be wanting to pop yourself as much in the centre as possible, so your eyes can take in all the action.

Chris Olsen, founder of UK Film Review has told us “Opinions vary and it is, of course, all down to personal preference. However, from a purely aesthetic point of view, if the film is being projected manually, the best seat will be the seat right at the back in the middle, under the little window where the film comes out from. This is because the projectionist (a dying artform) will be the one ensuring the focus is right and you will get a much similar view to them!”

With a surge in demand for IMAX movie screens, cinema companies are challenged to take the viewing experience to the next level. These screens have permanent microphones that automatically calibrate the cinema’s sound on a daily basis, as well as laser-aligned loudspeakers that are accurately placed in order to distribute equal volume to almost every seat. Without all the technical gobbledegook this basically means wherever you sit, you’ll have the perfect sound experience!

Jerry Murdoch, Sales and Field Services UK at CinemaNext agrees and told us “As a general comment, modern cinemas are specifically designed to give a great experience regardless of where you sit – with large screens, comfortable seats and a sound experience that you cannot get at home. The sound and projection equipment in a cinema auditorium will cost the cinema operator over £70k (more for bigger screens and Atmos) – not many people are going to spend that on a home entertainment system!”

What’s that? You want more? Head over to our sweet vs savoury popcorn debate where you can decide which of our funky flavours you’ll be sneaking into the cinema! We’d recommend them ALL but we’ll leave it up to you this time!

So there you have it, you can officially enjoy the cinematic experience to the max with these helpful tips from movie experts! Here, at Shedquarters we can’t take the credit for all this expertise but we can take the credit for all our yummy gourmet popcorn treats! We’ve put together our de-POPping-licious movie snacks all in one place especially for your cinema dates! Join our mailing list and stay up to date with all of the happenings here at Shedquarters!

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