No matter where you get your coffee whether that’s making it yourself at home or going to your local coffee shop, it says a lot about you. Did you know coffee and popcorn are a great match? That’s why we’ve paired your favourite coffee with one of our tasty popcorn flavours. Cheers!

If you are a fan of lattes you like keeping things traditional. Strong coffee isn’t for you, but you like just the right amount of espresso in a big cup of creamy, frothy milk in the morning to wake you up. The popcorn match to your latte would be Salted Caramel. It’s the perfect traditional combo you can’t go wrong with to matter what time of day it is. It’s the perfect match of salty and sweet without being overpowering. Feel free to eat it with your latte and enjoy!

If cappuccinos are your go-to coffee you’re very similar to lattes. You likely don’t change up your routine much and stick to what you like. But, you like having a bit of fun with an airy thick layer of foamed milk on top. The popcorn match to your cappuccino would be Cookies & Cream! You likely grew up loving eating cookies and biscuits as a snack with some tea or coffee. This is a great match because this popcorn is made mixed with high-quality white chocolate and cookie crumb pieces! This mouth-watering combination will make you feel like a big kid at heart with your cappuccino. Bon appetit!

If you’re a fan of mochas you’re a sweet tooth at heart. You need coffee to wake you up, but chocolate makes your day better. It’s something you can’t go without and puts a smile on your face. No matter what kind of chocolate you like in your mocha, we have a sweet match in store for you. The popcorn match you have with mochas is Pop n’ Choc. It is made of a cocoa infused caramel base and real Belgian milk chocolate melted on top. That's a double whammy of chocolate that will make your mouth water. You get the chocolate you love without the high calories, YUM!

Double Espresso
If you enjoy getting a double espresso you enjoy the flavour of coffee and don’t want milk or anything else to ruin that. You care about where the coffee comes from and you may be a bit of a coffee expert. You need coffee to start your day and this hits the spot. If this is your go-to drink your popcorn match is Berry-licious. Just like your coffee blend with rich flavour and depth so does this popcorn. Berry-licious contains layers of caramel, raspberry and dark chocolate that will keep you satisfied for hours (or until your next coffee break ;) )

Which popcorn flavour is your favourite to enjoy with a nice cup of hot coffee? Let us know on socials @popcornshed for a chance to win some popcorn!

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  • Anita

    It’s a cappuccino and some cookies & cream for me!

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