Have you heard the news?! Shedquarters have started making edible greeting cards. Yes, popcorn in the post. Step aside Postman Pat and Jess, Popcorn Shed are doing the deliveries now!


Popcorn Letterbox Gift

Receiving a card is one of the best feelings in the world, especially when you don’t expect it. Sometimes you need that little lift and knowing that someone is thinking about you really does bring a smile to your face! But what could be better than a letter? Of course, it’s an edible letter! 

During the last couple of years, friends, families and colleagues have searched for new ways to communicate and let each other know they're in their thoughts. That’s why at Shedquarters, we decided to create a product that the whole family can enjoy - our gourmet popcorn in a lovingly crafted letter-sized box! Elegantly designed, mouthwatering letterbox gifts filled to the brim with three delicious popcorn varieties. 


Sending letters through the years  

None of this would be possible without the invention of the postbox. The postbox first originated in Russia in 1848 (Thanks, Nicholas the 1st) and was made from wood and iron - this was quickly reinvented using cast iron because of letterbox thieves! 

At the same time in the UK, most houses had letterboxes which consisted of holes in the door with a flap over them. Again, these were restyled to include springs because of the constant flapping in the wind (oh, Britain)!  


Send the perfect message with popcorn

Catering for all occasions, at Shedquarters we’ve worked with our most talented designers to collate some fabulously poppin’ messages! So whether it’s a birthdaya congratulations, or just a chance to say thank you in the not so traditional way, we’ve got you covered with our a-maize-ing selection of letterbox gifts! 


Gourmet Popcorn Letterbox Gifts


Roll up, roll up! Some of our famous gourmet flavours that you will find in our selection boxes include: Salted Caramel, Pop'n’Choc, Berry-licious, Birthday Cake, Cookies & Cream, Pecan Pie, Peanut Butter, Cherry Bakewell, Butterscotch, Vanilla Rainbow, Say Cheese, Goat's Cheese, Blue Cheese or Sweet Cheesus. 

Fancy taking a gamble? Why not try our mystery box and surprise yourself (or someone else) with a variety from Popcorn Sheds’ range! We guarantee you’ll be hooked from the first bite. 


Get your letterbox popcorn today!

Whatever the occasion, whoever you wish to spoil, make it unforgettable with a popcorn letterbox from Popcorn Shed. Not only do we offer a range of treats for all palettes, we offer a subscription to our new and exciting edible letters, too! 

If you’re hungry for more from Shedquarters, why not sign up to our mailing list for all the latest in the world of popcorn!

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