Welcome to Aquarius season! 

If you’re an Aquarius you are born between January 20th - February 19th and you are symbolized as a maiden. Before we dive into their popcorn pairing we wanted to give you some fun facts about the traits and characteristics of an Aquarius. 

Aquarius are independent and a visionary. Their independence attracts many of the other signs to them. This sign can handle many obstacles while staying grounded at the same time. They have a lot of creativity and tend to be a sign to embrace their differences that make them stand out from the crowd. These signs like creating positive change in the world in one way or another through their vision. An example of this is speaking up on issues they think are important and want to make the world a better place or or making a business that relates to this.

This zodiac sign also is very thoughtful and innovative. An aquarius takes time when they make decisions both big and small which helps them be so thoughtful to others. This also translates to insightful and thoughtful conversations on things they are about. They also innovate since they love following through when an idea pops into their head. This sign wants to see their vision play out and doesn’t stop until it comes true.

Now that we know that Aquarius are thoughtful and visionaries, Popcorn Shed have come up with a few popcorn options that will be great for any Aquarius in your life. We’ve come up with a list of flavours that they can’t resist.

1. Say Cheese
This is a Great Taste Award winning flavour which any cheese lover will need in their life. This is one of our original, innovative flavours, making it perfect for any Aquarius. We hope that it puts a smile on your face!

2. Berry-licious
It’s time to give back to your thoughtful Aquarius in your life and share the love with our Berry-licious popcorn. This is another award winning flavour that will make your taste buds dance with a combination of caramel, dark chocolate and raspberry. YUM!

3. Rainbow
This popcorn is as bold and brilliant as can be, which is perfect for this visionary sign. It’s a multi coloured vanilla popcorn that will surely brighten your day!


Can you relate to the above? Or do you feel completely different about your zodiac sign? Let us know on socials @popcornshed!

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