Welcome to Cancer season! If you’re a Cancer you are born between June 21st - July 22nd this is your sun sign and you are symbolised as a crab. Before we dive into their popcorn pairing we wanted to give you some fun facts about the traits and characteristics of a Cancer!

Cancers are caring and practical people. This sign takes care of the people closest to them and nurtures them with whatever they need. They are very in turn with their emotions and that makes them easy people to relate to. In addition, cancers are practical people who live within their means and don’t make big decisions until they thought about it thoroughly.

They are also homebodies and emotional. The place this zodiac sign is most comfortable is in their own home. Cancers tend to keep only a few close people in their life instead of large groups and invite them to their comfort zone. This sign is also emotional and puts their heart on their sleeve. Their connection to their emotions makes them great friends and people to relate to.

Now that we know that Cancers are caring and practical, we have come up with a few popcorn options that will be great for you and any Cancer in your life. We're pretty sure you won't be able to resist these flavours!

Pop ‘N’ Choc
This is a great homy flavour far any homebody Cancer in your life. Our Pop ‘N’ Choc is a great comfort popcorn and it’s practical because you know exactly what you’re getting.

Mini Pop! Sea Salt
Our Mini Pop range is great since it’s low calorie and easy on your teeth. Sea Salt is an awesome flavour that will not have any extra additives or flavour in this popcorn. What you see is what you get which is great for this zodiac sign.

This popcorn is buttery, sweet with a hint of sea salt all while being vegan! If you have a vegan Cancer in your life you need this in your life ASAP. Show them that you care by giving your friend (or yourself) this brilliant treat


Can you relate to the above? Or do you feel completely different about your zodiac sign?
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