Welcome to Sagittarius season! If you’re a Sagittarius you are born between November 23nd - December 21st this is your sun sign and you are represented as an archer. Before we dive into their popcorn pairing we wanted to give you some fun facts about the traits and characteristics of a Sagittarius. 

Sagittarius are independent and honest people. Once these signs know what they want they do everything in their power to make that happen by themselves. They’re not afraid to be alone and pursue whatever they put their mind to. In addition, this is a sign known for being honest and trustworthy. Sagittarius hate when people don’t tell them the truth and deceive them. Truth has utmost importance to them and it’s something they live by.

Other characteristics include having a high emotional intelligence and caring. Sagittarius are notorious for having insightful philosophical conversations with others. Due to this emotional intelligence they make great coaches and give great advice to others around them. This sign also cares deeply about the people closest to them. Sometimes they care too much for others and it’s hard for them to take time and care for themselves as well.

Now that we know that Sagittarius are caring and honest, we have come up with a few popcorn options we're sure you or any Sagittarius in your life will love!

Christmas Pudding
It’s time to light up your fireplace and start up a philosophical conversation. Make sure you take a snack break and share some holiday joy. This popcorn captures the feeling of Christmas all in one shed. It’s a perfect balance of festive spices and our caramel popcorn. Our mouths are watering just thinking about it!

This popcorn is buttery, sweet with a hint of sea salt all while being vegan! If a Sagittarius misses this flavour they don’t have to wait a second longer. Show them that you care by giving your friend (or yourself) this brilliant treat.

Mini Pop! Salt and Vinegar
Salt and Vinegar is a British classic all packed into this vegan popcorn. It’s light, easy on the teeth, zesty and low calorie. We’re just being honest and it’s not too good to be true!


Can you relate to the above? Or do you feel completely different about your zodiac sign?
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