Welcome to Scorpio season! If you’re a Scorpio you are born between October 23rd - November 22nd this is your sun sign and you are represented as a scorpion. Before we dive into their popcorn pairing we wanted to give you some fun facts about the traits and characteristics of a Scorpio. 

Scorpios are very curious and persistent people. Once they find a topic they’re interested in they dig deep to know as much as they can about it. Their curiosity also makes them great problem solvers and they tend to be interested in crime and unsolved mysteries. Scoripo’s are very persistent and once they start something they won’t stop until they finish it.

This zodiac sign is also ambitious and determined. These two characteristics are made much easier because of their persistence. Scoripos set big and small goals and can make that a reality. They get what they want because this zodiac sign sets a goal and completes it.

Now that we know that Scorpio’s are curious and persistent people, we have come up with a couple of delicious popcorn options that will be perfect for any Scorpio. We're sure you won't be able to resist these tasty treats!

Mini Pop! Toffee
If you love toffee and popcorn you need to try this amazing combination. It’s the UK’s first vegan toffee popcorn (you heard that right)! It’s deliciously sweet without being overwhelming all in one pack.

This combination is perfect for any fruity and chocolate lovers. It’s made from dark chocolate and tart raspberry on our lightweight gourmet popcorn. Berry-licious is delicious and we know you’re curious!

Birthday Cake
We know you’re determined to know if this tastes like vanilla cake so you’ll need to try it out for yourself! It’s time to celebrate all your ambitions including the big and small ones. Celebrate yourself with this sweet treat when you take a break.


Can you relate to the above? Or do you feel completely different about your zodiac sign?
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