Christmas is all about reuniting with friends and family, enjoying long dinners and basically eating like there’s no tomorrow! But it can be very stressful for those of us who are in charge of cooking. Worry not! You don’t need to spend a lot of time in the kitchen these holidays to wow your guests, these chocolate lava cakes are ridiculously easy to make! Those gooey, warm centres are very irresistible, and to top it all off there’s nothing better (and more original) than Popcorn Shed’s Christmas Pudding Popcorn: festively spiced caramel popcorn, so yummy even Santa will do everything to get some of them!


4 servings

130 g dark chocolate (70% cocoa).
2 free-range eggs plus one yolk.
1/3 cup coconut sugar.
¼ cup spelt flour.
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon.
To decorate:
Christmas Pudding gourmet popcorn
Caramel sauce.

- Preheat oven to 230 ºC.
- Lightly grease with coconut oil or butter 4 small pudding moulds, add a little bit of cocoa powder into the moulds and make sure all the sides and base are completely coated.
- Place a bowl over a medium saucepan with barely simmering water and melt the dark chocolate. Set aside.
- Mix the flour with the cinnamon and set aside.
- Beat the eggs (and egg yolk) with the sugar, pour in the melted chocolate and finally add in the flour-cinnamon mixture. Mix with a silicone spatula until completely combined.
- Evenly divide the batter between the moulds and bake for 8 minutes.
- Let them cool a little bit, around 3 minutes, and then quickly unmould and transfer to a serving plate. Decorate with Popcorn Shed’s Christmas Pudding popcorn and caramel sauce.

And enjoy! Don't forget to tag us on socials @popcornshed for a chance to win some popcorn. We'd love to see how you create this, or one of our other recipes!

This recipe was developed by the amazing Gemma Gonzalez, author of the blog Cinnamon Girl.

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