Original recipe from the amazing Art of Healthy Living blog. 

There’s nothing quite like a smoothie! Especially one with gourmet popcorn. We love a good old popcorn smoothie recipe here at Shedquarters! 

5 reasons to love smoothies (if you needed a reason)..

1) They are super easy and quick to make.

2) They are so versatile. You can add anything to a smoothie.

3) When you think they can’t get any better, they just do.

4) They’re yummy and refreshing!

5) Popcorn always make them taste better!

loves me a smoothie I do, but you can’t go whacking anything in willy nilly and expect it all to come good, because it just doesn’t work like that. Knowing what flavours go together is an acquired skill.

We have used Pecan Pie popcorn as the inspiration for this smoothie recipe as it’s delicious! 

Pecan Pie Milkshake

Have a go and let me know what you think.


200ml Semi Skimmed Milk
2 tbsp Natural Yogurt
1 tbsp Maple Pecan Nut Butter
1 Banana
Pecan Pie Popcorn on top


    Break an overripe banana (they’re a lot tastier when they’re past their best and it helps to naturally sweeten the smoothie) into pieces and place it in a blender.

    Spoon in the natural yogurt and nut butter and then pour the milk over the top.

    Blend until smooth and frothy.

    Pour into a glass so that the smoothie comes right up to the top and sprinkle with as much pecan pie popcorn as you can cram on there!


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